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Our students are not wrong in the content of their protests on behalf of education.
Begging gestures on behalf of some of the recipients had no effect.
Unfortunately, there aren't too many of those on the market so maybe giving to charity on someone's behalf is a good idea.
SE employs outside companies to provide marketing services on our behalf.
But whatever your take on the policy proposals, it's worth approaching the rosy claims made on its behalf with extreme caution.
Our hotel had purchased numerous cameras for the students on our behalf.
Its irresponsible to not meet this challenge on behalf of future generations.
Efforts on behalf of wildlife are actually bringing positive benefits to local people.
They cannot believe in anything-if they did they'd find a way to thin-up in behalf of their cause.
So the ministry, which is charged with drafting the reform legislation on behalf of the government, is fighting back.
Finally, consider doing some advocacy on behalf of geography education.
In each democracy, the fossil industry is able to pick one party to prevent action on climate change, on its behalf.
Now your friends can't check you into places on your behalf.
Instead, he was charged with crimes that he says he committed on the government's behalf.
The consular officer presumes an intent to immigrate on behalf of all visitor visa applicants.
Previously they had to rely on foreigners to sign up on their behalf.
But it certainly can't mind having a big buddy speak up on its behalf.
When the omniscient narrator is absent, each character speaks on behalf of his or her own private self.
Several actors are named as victims of wiretapping, sometimes on behalf of angry wives.
We are prevented by our roles from intervening on the candidates' behalf.
The current ratio seems to require me to write about six letters for every one written on my behalf.
All this costs money, which legislators volunteer on behalf of taxpayers.
Less students to answer questions, so the chances are fewer that a few smart students will respond on behalf of the others.
No future plans made for us, no concept on behalf of the old dinosaurs about what our role will be in the future.
Charities, surveys and calls on behalf of politicians also would be exempt from the registry.
Its professional bodies have codes of practice that ban outright lying on clients' behalf.
The job of specialists is to buy and sell on their clients' behalf.
So a new growth industry may emerge from the crisis: that of holding and maintaining essential stocks on behalf of manufacturers.
The second prefers to leave this decision to company directors, who are elected by shareholders to run a firm on their behalf.
First, several members have to write letters of recommendation on your behalf.
In fact, from time to time she will drop a hint that something requires my attention on behalf of her fellow students.
They have also adopted plans for advocating on behalf of adjuncts and recruiting more into their ranks.
Many of the arguments made on behalf of giving tenure to librarians are, in fact, arguments for academic status.
Private school college counselors write letters for their students and often call admission deans to advocate on their behalf.
Many plausible things can be said on behalf of that position.
Your committee members may even contact those professors on your behalf.
She literally wore herself out in her never ceasing efforts in behalf of the work that she so dearly loved.
Users must first give a service permission to share automatically on their behalf.
Officials who said the ban needed to be delayed cast it as an action on behalf of rural residents.
They move from place to place, and in each one he kills and exsanguinates local folk on her behalf.
The band still has a manager and a label who work on its behalf, commercially and artistically.
In some people, the family's disaster had produced this phenomenon-a crazy energy of organization on their behalf.
During my teens, two members of my parents' congregation died of cancer, despite all the prayers offered up on their behalf.
Pretend you're writing the story for someone else: a study shows that people think more creatively on behalf of others.
Fletcher trades on the open market for his own account and on behalf of client companies.
Again and again, perfectly sentient adults cited the clinching arguments made on the candidate's behalf by their children.
Unless you have special connections, a business or university will need to request it on your behalf.
Scientists shouldn't make any metaphysical claims on behalf of science beyond what the empirical evidence will bear.
And it's immoral because vengeance is a destructive and irrational basis for any action on behalf of society.
It wouldn't even make sense to say that three people could accept the prize on behalf of three labs.
More to the point, you don't get to decide this on behalf of the universe.
But given the response letters written on behalf of the university, it's clear they're not even interested in trying.
In any case, instead of speaking on their behalf, you should give some references.
The leaders that opposed this bill brought in climate scientists presenting evidence on behalf of the opposition.
As a citizen you are responsible to elect people to make the decisions on your behalf.
Of being able to speak to me, and have others speak to me on their behalf whenever they so choose.
Managers are not permitted to negotiate deals and contracts on behalf of their clients.
Dozens are suing the giant military contractor, on the taxpayers' behalf.
The general seized power not for himself but on behalf of the army.

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