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Football season has started, and that means the parties prior to the games have begun as well.
And, with temperatures down and the flowers up, the season to visit has officially begun.
In the last decade, winemakers the world over have begun using less and less sulfur.
But now, after years of research, scientists have begun to detect a human fingerprint in many extreme weather patterns.
Scientists have only begun to formulate an understanding of the timing of these early migrations.
At first, the volunteers did not know treatment had begun, so they did not think their pain would decrease.
The message is clear: the annual gift hunt has begun.
Engineers have begun the process of retrofitting dams that suddenly are found to be located in earthquake-prone areas.
More recently, researchers have begun to use light-emitting diodes, which show more promise.
In the past several years, researchers have begun to uncover how the human brain determines when to trust someone.
Scientists have begun a new effort to soup up photosynthesis and help humans make greener fuel.
Now a new push has begun to retool the turbine for potential commercial use.
And of course interest is high, now that we've begun commemorating the sesquicentennial anniversaries of the war's key events.
The second race to the moon has begun-and this time there will be a big cash payout for the winner.
And in many ways, climate change has already begun reshaping this dichotomously fragile and hardy land.
With new, turtle-excluding fishing nets and better protection of their nesting beaches, the species has begun to recover.
And the location of the wounds themselves has begun to change as medical knowledge has advanced.
Over the past few years new discoveries have begun to fill in the sauropod gap on both continents.
By then a raucous debate over the propriety of reporting on candidates' personal lives had already begun.
Recently, things have begun slowing down due to the financial crisis.
Lately, however, the fortunes of scientists studying these elusive creatures have begun to turn.
These efforts have already begun to yield encouraging results.
Here are some safety tips to prepare for rising water-and what to do once a flood has begun.
Since then, the lake appears to have begun refilling.
So a shift in the thinking of business educators has begun.
And blogging librarians have begun to weigh in on what the legal action might mean for them.
Some speakers noted that a reaction against internationalization has begun to take hold in higher education.
Professors at both universities have begun to publicly criticize the move.
But the central government has begun to shut down such programs, leaving many students empty-handed upon graduation.
If you've begun to pack on the pounds, your doctor may recommend that you get up and move around.
But of late, the holy wards and runes have begun to fail.
Unemployment peaked well below the levels endured in past recessions and had begun to drift down.
In the past few months their efforts have begun to pay off.
The trend has begun to spread to the consumer-electronics industry.
Overall growth has already begun to slow, and may be more subdued next year.
As space gets tight and energy costs climb, many firms have begun consolidating and simplifying their computing infrastructure.
Land levelling has already begun, and the peppercorn rents he is charging will help fund the requisite infrastructure.
By the seventeenth century, though, the tide had begun to turn.
And fishermen have begun selling shares in seafood stock.
Cutler was due to have the pins removed from his thumb today, and he's already begun throwing the ball.
Society waits unformed and is between things ended and things begun.
The hotel in which he had begun life so hopefully was now a mere ghost of what a hotel should be.
The academic career thus inauspiciously begun was not worshipful.
He projected two other folio volumes, but these do not seem even to have been begun.
But his nervous system had begun to be affected through the toxins evolved by the bacillus of his disease.
The tightening of monetary policy and the development of the private sector had also begun to reinvigorate the economy.
Nonetheless, that grayness has begun to creep over her again.
Over the past few years, we've been hearing that consumer spending has begun to rise.
The losses had begun to mount again, since home prices had begun to decline again after the home buyer credit expired.
The normally recession proof sector has begun to falter.
The only other sector to have similar losses was construction, but it hadn't begun recovering.
The military has begun to incorporate these techniques across the services.
In the last few years, brown fat has begun to increasingly intrigue scientists.
The age of atomic energy could be said to have begun, literally, with the wave of a wand.
And a silly implicating smile had begun on her face, too.
Almost a year later, as a few of those initiatives have begun to take shape, a general pattern has emerged.
They meant before he had begun avidly smoking crack, which is a withering drug.
Literary alt-history is still relatively scarce, but it has begun a noticeable expansion.
In every industrialized nation, the movement to reform health care has begun with stories about cruelty.
But by the third day the process has begun to unravel.
It was here, according to legend, that the story had begun.
But since that time she'd begun to notice at twilight a curious glistening to the air.
The start of previews was a few days away, and the cast and crew had begun technical rehearsals.
Yet this was the moment when he gave himself over to a project that he may have begun sometime earlier, in the late seventies.
Recently you've begun incorporating the ligne claire style into your drawings.
At the end of the demonstration, the batteries were still weak, but had begun to recharge.
She had probably begun feeling better and the excitement of seeing him made her feel that much better.
Once the pharmaceutical industry created a synthetic version of human leptin, clinical trials were begun.
Some of the big questions about telomeres have begun to be answered.
Only recently have researchers begun to dig up some meaningful clues about this seemingly useless body part.
At the same time, though, the craze for bagged greens had begun.
About two and a half years earlier, she said, she'd begun having strange visions.
They've already begun to communicate their science and bad habits have had a chance to be ingrained.
His fever had subsided and he had begun to look and feel better.
It is the main show, and we've only begun to tap it.
In the past decade, excavators have begun to find evidence to support this idea around the globe.
But the knot has begun to untangle, thanks to two big breaks.
Artists have begun searching the space of simple computer programs for algorithms that generate music.
Recently, however, a clearer picture has begun to emerge.
In the last few years, a few dedicated mathematicians have begun to study the computational complexity of video games.
But by the time a patient is diagnosed, she may have already begun to experience symptoms such as memory loss.
Since then, professionals have begun to hog the limelight.
More recently, various groups have begun to focus on a fly in the ointment: the practical implementation of this process.
By the next treatment, the hair loss he feared has begun.
Ridge has already begun marketing the test in a limited geographic area on the basis of existing results.
But in the last few years, a growing body researchers have begun to explore the possibility that this definition is too limited.
Obsessed by language, it refuses to acknowledge that the age of reading is over and that the age of viewing has begun.
It had begun to fall, and where a thicket of brambles obscured the collapse, the cows found a place to cross.
Anticipation also grew with news of a novel begun nearly thirty years ago that has been under contract at three publishing houses.
At this point, he could simply have faded away and begun the process elsewhere.
But that was four decades ago, and in the meantime things had begun to change.
At the time of this writing, protests have begun again.
Instead of promoting drugs to treat diseases, they have begun to promote diseases to fit their drugs.
He describes how they were there when the afterglow of victories had begun to fade.
We've already begun work on our ultimate vision for you.
Perry's platform, once a mystery to non-Texans, has begun to clearly materialize.
There are signs, however, that she has begun to retreat from public life.
And, in a horrible way that is not being faced, the two excavations have begun to converge.
By this time they'd begun to rub their little exclusive trips in my face.
No sign of a band, but an audience has begun to build.
Schoolmates taunt him, and even his own family has begun to reject him.
Month three of boot camp has begun, but the pounds stubbornly refuse to budge.
Because elected officials have seen the immediate benefits of jobs where rail work has already begun.
There are two ways to show that construction has begun.

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