beguiling in a sentence

Example sentences for beguiling

But you can have a beguiling meal here and never taste a pie.
Rousing at outdoor rallies, in a small group he is disarmingly casual, even beguiling.
Wisely again, he does not stray too far down that beguiling track.
The rover sent home a beguiling but frustrating panorama showing a line of low hills to the southeast.
Commerce abhors a vacuum, and it appears that this beguiling island cannot indefinitely resist development.
The beguiling simplicity of crêpes is the secret of their lasting popularity.
But the game is both challenging and beguiling without them.
For many people, few places are as beguiling as an island.
The flowers are so beguiling in form, they are sure to please.
The idea of changing the world by voting with your trolley may be beguiling.
Quick as a blink, coral reef fish can become frightening or beguiling.
Dark cocoa cookies startle the palate with a beguiling dose of tangerine.
At their best, they created beguiling or disturbing dream worlds.
But in a city chock full of beautiful buildings, the chance to learn a bit about architectural heritage sounds beguiling.
These firms' strategy was premised on one, beguiling fact.
But her beguiling film has a persuasive been-there, done-that knowingness.
But the acrid content belies the softly beguiling presentation.
In fact, her life was beguiling because of the misfortunes she coped with.
The serene republic is now little more than a tourist attraction, however beguiling.
Faculty would change how they taught because they could not resist the beguiling power of the new technologies.
And there's a beguiling innocence in the film-making that might be unmatched in the medium's history.
He exerted that influence thanks not to his ideas but almost entirely to his beguiling style, at once rollicking and astringent.
But the rum had an outsize taste that was beguiling and somehow antiquarian.
Not only is fennel pollen beautiful to look at, it has a beguiling anise flavor that is unlike that of the rest of the plant.
For intercollegiate athletics, he offers a beguiling defense.
But militarism, xenophobia and protectionism will remain beguiling options for any politician under pressure.
The question that plagues his party leaders is whether this beguiling wit will propel him to political success or risible failure.
But in her last three films, she has learned to smartly dramatize her rage or leaven it with beguiling wit.
Blooming in mid summer, it is still widely cultivated for its beguiling beauty.
Seeing lava for the first time is captivating and often lures the viewer closer, but it is also beguiling and dangerous.
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