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In this game, violence doesn't necessarily beget violence.
Literature reviews for new projects bring up questions that beget future work.
There are other ways in which less money can beget social payoff.
In short, lies beget lies, and the antic confusion is meant to beget laughs.
Chimney fires could beget larger blazes that would destroy blocks and blocks of wooden houses.
Proteins burned to a crisp beget mutagens, gene-damaging chemicals that have caused cancer in laboratory animals.
The point is, interventions beget more interventions.
In the performing arts idols beget idols beget idols.
Conversely, penalizing success tends to beget less of it.
But soft-shell crabs beget a challenge to chefs, who come up with all sorts of interesting and unusual ways to prepare them.
Victories, however narrow, beget overreaching ambition.
But in this new globalized century, one will beget the other.
Far more likely is that state violence will merely beget violence.
As newer and faster technologies beget newer and faster technologies, consumers move on to the next big thing with alacrity.
Disillusionment could even beget general irritability and a lack of focus that combine to slow productivity.
The movie wants to illustrate how lies beget lies until there's no turning back, and it succeeds but only in a diagrammatic way.
But all our actions have consequences, and the violence will beget more violence.
Having fingers in many pies is important because if you go after enough grants you will usually win one, and grants beget grants.
Aggression did not beget aggression in the absence of a win.
The result is that there are situations in which sustained selling can, effectively on its own, beget more selling.
Perhaps it was inevitable that the colonel's violence would beget violence.
Once again big money shows that it can only beget poorly thought out ratings hopes.
To unfairly suppress the opponents might beget frustration and then possible violence.
The idea is that happy, empowered employees beget happy customers.
As these two fortnights of fun unfold, please remember: campaigns beget governing.
Others beget new questions, raise new issues, and require further exploration.
The best leaders-whether in public service, corporate circles, or higher education-beget leadership.

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