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Pollen began looking for genes, near these deletions, that could affect brain size.
And the hearts of the meanest were humbled and began to believe it was true.
The expedition's food supplies soon began to dwindle.
Seas rose, glaciers retreated and ecosystems began to transform.
Running with the bulls began to grow in popularity, despite efforts to stop it.
Once the fundamental features were uncovered, the decorating began.
Always a little slow to adapt, higher education began this year to explore the academic uses of smartphones and tablets.
These minerals began to crystallize between the waterlogged wood's cell walls.
Walker, she began by using the prescribed curriculum to shape and mold us as her students.
Soon heavy snow began to fall, and the temperature plunged.
But once he began to speak, what people sensed was his integrity.
We reduced the boiling water to a simmer and began adding the ingredients.
Our group began at the suggestion of a former graduate adviser.
Nearly two decades after doctors began giving antidepressants to children, it is a question they still cannot answer definitively.
The helicopter hovered above the surface for a moment, then crashed into the water and began to sink.
It wasn't until the report came out that it began to freak me out.
Studios began to make twice as much from disc sales as from cinema tickets.
After a few years, a neighbor began to pressure him to visit the county fair to shoot the scenery.
Hours after the blackout began cellular calls began connecting more frequently.
Music charts began as a way for record labels to market their acts.
The storm in the northern cell began looking anemic as the new line of storms cut off its supply of warm, moist air.
And then, around the middle of the past century, people began adding guys to make you guys.
The big finale capped a convention that began as a mixed bag.
It had no government until two weeks before the talks began.
As the salaries of apprenticed workers were cut and jobs began to be lost, the violence began.
On his travels, he began to foment revolution among the rural poor.
Capital poured in from outside, economic growth surged, and poverty began to fall.
Four years after the investigation began there have still been no convictions.
She began going to a nearby gym, where one of the regulars told her she had a good physique for bodybuilding.
As the courthouse lunch break was coming to an end, more people began gathering.
The incident that resulted in his firing began innocently enough.
He began his career as an infielder, but played exclusively in the outfield last year.
Hal didn't wait for an answer but sprang to his feet and began to walk back and forth between the corn shocks.
Even rogue-books began to multiply the artifices of narration.
During the day she was happy, but when night came on she began to grow restless.
He began to realize something of the threatening complexities of his exalted position.
Going around a corner, he turned in at the door of the hotel and began to climb the stairway leading up to his friend's room.
For the first time, in fact, financial difficulties began seriously to press on him.
So she sat down on a ridge and began to weep, and so bitterly that two streams ran down from her eyes.
Our workers are no less productive than when this crisis began.
Primates began to come into their own--and started collecting things.
The findings showed that dinosaurs began reproducing early.
And that's when scientists, divers and fishermen began to notice.
They established security at the museum complex and, huddling with museum authorities, began an inventory of missing treasures.
Under his guidance, the singers began to receive much local acclaim.
She began moving a ball of dough back and forth between her hands, until she'd formed a large pancake.
In response to the furor, artists began to avoid forbidden images or conceal them under dotting, stippling and cross-hatches.
Taxis weren't operating at all because the drivers had called a strike before the convention began.
The owner began selling fries and cheese curds in a bag as a take-out item.
Thus the riverbank was born and waterways began to get thinner and more defined.
When they poked one of these holes in the bottom of the ocean, the hole began sucking in seawater-a lot of seawater.
But a cohort of studies that found no evidence for menstrual synchrony began to grow, too.
He began experimenting with city children and found that he could cure their rickets with exposure to sunshine alone.
Days later, hair follicles began to form near the wound's center.
Scientists have been distinguishing between species on the basis of how they look, behave or live since recorded history began.
As the rains increasingly failed to come, the region began undergoing desertification.
The sea receded, and as the former seabed became a desert, the wind began to plane away the sandstone and shale above the bones.
As a result, the city's sacred manuscripts began to fall into disrepair.
Then he began to fire indiscriminately from the deck at people below.
But until the first railroad actually began to operate, it was virtually unanticipated.
Looting began immediately, and by the time it abated, signs of an insurgency had appeared.
But in world relations the nuclear age really began about ten years later.
After he lost control, he began to sob into the microphone, begging the radar controllers to tell him which side was up.
The moralists have preached to them since the world began, and have failed.
But it was once they'd gotten the steer home that the real challenges of what they'd undertaken began to sink in.
Prices of fossil fuels began to climb, and worries over global warming and security of supply intensified.
Within a week they began issuing pre-paid debit cards.
Its revival began with this new willingness to recognise its faults.
Oil refineries began to reopen and oil depots were forcibly unblocked on government orders.
As postwar growth made the transition into stagflation, cracks began to appear in the foundation of the economy.
Needless to say, once it came time to hire these debates began again so the vague posting didn't solve anything.
Then she began rummaging around in the refrigerator.
Moments later, a first shift of people was ushered through the door and the dispensing of meal tickets began.
The sun was sinking fast and everything began to change.
Soon, he took on the mannerisms of a gangster, and began to act tough and talk out of the corner of his mouth.
The machines began writing contrapuntal patterns in the air, an electronic canon for two raging voices.
Two minutes after the water arrived, the plant's main control rooms began to lose electrical power.
The treated mouse began producing healthy red blood cells on its own.
Maclaurin and his building committee began by considering proposals from familiar designers.
Stroke patients began the study with activity patterns that were quite different from those seen in normal individuals.
Suddenly, and to the collective horror of those in attendance, he began to laugh.
It wasn't until the turn of the century that it began to be accepted as a kind of standard practice for journalism.
And that's when the frenetic yet orderly routine of the emergency room began to break down.
Gradually, however, she began to have a vague sense that the expected changes weren't happening in her.
He soon became unable to work and began to lose his short-term memory.
Scared by this silently rising pressure of violence, he forced himself back into civilization and began treatment.
Two days ago, an intriguing story began circulating on the web.
But it was a fulcrum around which the world began to turn.
At the same time, the first clinical studies of hypnosis began to appear.
The journey to billions and billions began with a single humble hamburger.
Autry began by sculpting bronze and other metals, then branched off into stone, ice and wood.
Dozier began work as a screenwriter during the golden age of television.
She began suffering from insomnia and sore, swollen joints.
The other band members took up their instruments and began playing as they walked onstage.
The breakdown at the top began some forty years ago when local owners began selling their papers to corporations.
Civil society began to grow, and popular calls for more rights and more political freedom have grown apace.
We began by discussing not clinical successes but failures.
He had a talent for both math and art, and began to design his own maps using a graphics program.
It then began to register all over the place, from a gruff and husky whisper to a papery, plaintive bleat.
Learn more about the continent on which life began, the birthplace of all humanity.
He taught himself how to sew at night and began making wallets for friends.
As the crowd began to disperse after the game, a group of juveniles began to chant and pushing and shoving ensued.

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