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It's long been advised that people who get nighttime heartburn eat no later than three to four hours before bed.
We plan to pick him up at the airport the day before the first talk.
But thanks to incompetence and corruption, vast shipments of food rotted before reaching the shops.
We may be able to get a glimpse of what happened before the big bang, thanks to a new study-but only a glimpse.
Before they went on the air, both candidates refused the services of a cosmetician.
See photos before and after the transformation here.
Babies also flex their mental muscles months before birth.
Most of those materials were in the public domain before.
Modern birds originated a hundred million years ago-long before the demise of dinosaurs, according to new research.
Even before they've hatched, red-eyed tree frogs have a nose for danger.
Before computers, this experimental section helped engineers model the effects of compression on the finished bridge's cables.
Sometimes you have to go backward before you can clearly see how to move forward.
Imagine knowing you'll be too sick to go to work, before the faintest hint of a runny nose or a sore throat.
Make a list of the people you have met before and want to see again.
Before the end of summer, subscribers will be offered a mobile-phone service that works anywhere in the world.
It was minutes before launch and my first trip into space.
Before you begin criticizing, you might actually attempt to understand what evolution is and how it works.
We could talk to friends and families with a telephone and get stock prices by calling a broker before e-mail was invented.
Six seconds before liftoff, the three main engines roared to life.
If that happens, the fuel will have to be completely removed and reprocessed before it can be used again.
The rapidly spreading disease affects more people than ever before.
Second, some bacteria produce enzymes that can destroy antibiotics before they can work.
Long before you're consciously aware of making a decision, your mind has already made it.
It's a hot summer day a few weeks before the start of the season.
Never before had a large, populated expanse of private land been converted into a national park.
Before wrinkles appear on this hand, compare the traction on different smooth surfaces.
The two new elements are radioactive and only exist for less than a second before decaying into lighter atoms.
Thawing permafrost may soak up greenhouse gas before it begins to spew it out.
But before flinging contact info around, you'll want to create a core set of groups to get you started.
It subsides and flares up, often before bed or when changing clothes.
Twelve of their subjects had never before played the game.
Again, he must act against his nature and learn patience before inserting damp garments into the cylinder.
Before contacting us, check to see if you can locate your answer.
King once said of the ballpark, where he used to perform before games.
Don't submit anything for the rest of graduate school or only immediately before hitting the market.
Both sides must keep talking, before the warning lights turn red.
The chair was at fault for allowing the visitor to vote, putting congeniality before shared governance.
We arrived before the resurgence of immigration that.
The sequencing reveals a virus that began its life in an animal, then mutated before picking up the power to infect people.
They do this at traffic light crossings, waiting patiently with human pedestrians for a red light before retrieving their prize.
Have students simulate cleanup efforts before the use of dispersant.
Water must be boiled or treated with iodine before it is safe to drink.
Typically she would feel nauseated before an oncoming seizure, then lose consciousness.
They key, they say, is to find and destroy the viruses before they turn cancerous.
Please look at more evidence than is contained in this summary article before drawing a conclusion.
The team had gone through this exercise many times before.
One way advertisers convince us to buy something is to remind us that we've enjoyed their product before.
So engineers are turning to sophisticated simulation software to design and test ideas long before they build engine prototypes.
The plane was off course before it slammed into the mountain.
Surprisingly, about half of the bereaved spouses experienced no significant depression either before or after the loss.
Before the remodel, the outdoor space in back was virtually ignored.

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