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As long as a weaver's beam was each of her two shins, and they were as dark as the back of a stag-beetle.
Obviously it doesn't matter that much if you're a beetle, that you be really smart.
These spiral generators scavenge power when the beetle beats its wings.
Beetle larva lures and kills frogs, while the adult hunts and paralyses.
He'd been arguing with entomologists for several months, disputing their beetle theory.
Straightening up, he rubs his shoe across the carpet, as if crushing a beetle.
Starting with her photo of a red beetle, she overlaid a shot of a concrete wall to create the textured surface of the final image.
As the beetle moves on top of the dung ball, it is checking the position of the sun to help it navigate.
The heat weakened the trees, making them susceptible to bark beetle invasions, he explained.
It was big and growing, feeding on dead and dying trees-the result of bark beetle infestation.
Consider, for example, the beetle known as the sugarcane rootstalk borer weevil.
Despite being tens of millions of years old, some beetle fossils appear almost as they did in life.
Amphibians are lured by a flesh-eating ground beetle larva to their doom.
Tiny structures in beetle exoskeletons reflect luminescent green.
Every now and then, a dung beetle stops rolling, mounts its ball and pirouettes.
We can no more catalogue every celestial body than a biologist can count every beetle.
The beetle begins to fly when its optic lobes are stimulated.
The timing of the shot is impeccable, and the aspect reveals key features of the beetle's flight morphology.
The lily leaf beetle is an invasive species that dines on and destroys ornamental lily plants.
Pricked by a beetle that had burrowed into his ear, into his brain.
Organic farms had more beetles and butterflies, but conventional farms had more species of beetle.
Warmer temperatures fueled a beetle epidemic that leveled the region's spruce forests in a decade.

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