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Example sentences for beeswax

And then there are wildlife products, such as beeswax.
Some communities are deriving additional income by producing beeswax candles and other products.
Look for crayons made from beeswax and infused with natural dyes.
Honeybee hives have long provided humans with honey and beeswax.
Buy beeswax crayons and water-based markers, paint and glue.
Burning pure soy and beeswax candles with cotton wicks helps to clear the air.
In return for their work, the residents get the honey and beeswax from the hives, both desirable products.
It also has projects using beeswax and cooking with honey.
More beeswax and cocoa butter will make a stiffer salve.
But trials with materials from margarine to beeswax all disappointed.
His early, moody monochromes in oil and beeswax convey a smoldering ardor that is courtly in manner and distraught in tone.
Next, many of the mummies were coated with conifer resin and beeswax.
Generally they used beeswax, rubbing the mummies' leathery skin with the stuff to give them the look of a highly polished shoe.
Something about me lying there with holding a flaming tube of beeswax coming through a paper plate really tickled her.
After the people take their fill of honey, the birds feed on the remaining beeswax.
To the untrained eye, it is nothing but a piece of bone immersed in beeswax, and some doubt it is from the saint.
Before doing this, rub olive oil in the hair or run the metal comb through beeswax.
The candles were made from bayberries, beeswax, or fats or oils derived from whales or other animals.
Scatter candles made of natural beeswax or infused with citronella across tabletops for added light and ambience.
Little wonder politicians tend to mind their own electoral beeswax.
The lab has developed new test protocols to detect trace amounts of pesticides in honey, beeswax, and bees.
In addition, the small but vigorous beekeeping industry produces honey, beeswax and other products for direct consumer use.
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