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Stories of crimes and dangerous behavior, mostly anecdotal, have been used as fuel by those who say the protesters must go.
Librarians have been saying they want and need to buy more scholarly monographs in electronic format.
But, overall, the emerging world will be less of a buoy to global growth than it has been hitherto.
The belief that animals can predict earthquakes has been around for centuries.
The system should be installed after the lawn area has been graded.
The normally wide, traffic-choked streets lined with neem trees have been unexpectedly clear.
Polls taken long before a presidential election have been wrong before.
Only a handful of wild animal species have been successfully bred to get along with humans.
Having a mixed up body clock has been linked to a vast array of ailments, including obesity and bipolar disorder.
Even if you haven't been on the water before, you can start sailing by easing into it.
The altered arrangement, however, has not been tested in court.
After seven days in hiding, the snake has been caught, the zoo's director said.
Global university ranking has become a common phenomenon, but the results have been mixed at the best.
Divers have been used to salvage valuable equipment from submerged plants.
The site may have been built, filled in, and built again for centuries.
It's been found that lower salt levels can only be attained by governments forcing manufacturers to comply.
The scene is a sheriff's office near a mountain lake, where a hunter and his dog have been found dead.
So, our feathers have been ruffled lately by a nagging fear that one of our pullets is a rooster.
Evidence for the two elements has been mounting for years.
Cities have always been at the center of economic growth and technological advances.
Your hair contains a record of everywhere you've been.
Kitty, our bunny whisperer, has been busy raising rabbits for the feast.
He's a dad of two boys and has been a reporter since the manual typewriter days.
The monkey species usually lives in an undisturbed stretch of forest and has not been studied in the wild.
There have been areas in the crust wherein fission have occurred resulting in strong evidence of this process but it is rare.
They're made with the same plants we've been ignoring.
At that point, the initial features were well-established and initial funding had been raised.
If they had been at home, or worked at typical workplace in the city, they likely would have been killed.
But over the centuries, they have been the subjects of much speculation.
Recently, however, crockpots have in some important ways been reinvented.
It's not the first time the lab has been breached through spear phishing.
The energy of that moving water can be substantial, as anyone who has been whitewater rafting knows.
So the entire extraterrestrial hypothesis is based on the residue of data after the above list has been exhausted.
Then you notice that there's been a huge amount of change due to the logging industry.
One local official in charge of resettlement has been murdered.
The skull had been given a plaster nose, and its eye sockets had been filled with plaster.
Natural turkeys have been minimally processed, with no artificial ingredients or coloring added.
Alligator gars are also targeted by both commercial and sport fisheries and have frequently been overfished.
It has been reported that by the end of the century, redheads will be extinct.
Once the flowers have been pollinated, they fade to green, then handsome seed pods form and new bright green leaves emerge.
They should have been viewed as great leaders of their time to the people in their society.
In the process, they created the illusion that the house had been built in a park.
Monster-size squid that glow in the dark have been filmed for the first time in the wild.
It had been printed on several sheets, the author noted, suggesting that it was unusually large.
The germination rate has been excellent for one thing with hardly any effort on my part.
To some eyes, this weathered structure would have been a teardown.
Conventional wisdom has always been that the alcohol evaporates and is therefore eliminated.
And daisy-flowered mums have been introduced in colors that range from deep ruby red to amber.
It has not been a good year for economic policy, at home or abroad.
The best you can say is that things could have been worse.
The post has been updated to reflect this correction.
Much good land has already been grabbed, and the new law will merely protect the grabbers' gains.
There have always been barriers in real estate, lines that certain buyers will not cross.
It's awkward to go about your normal teaching-and-research business on a campus once you have been denied tenure.
They had been dragged into conflict in various ways.
Prior to this finding, all the other great apes had been observed using tools.
Merged groups of language departments have been longstanding.
The sensation of flavor has until recently been one of nature's more arcane secrets.
All this has meant that legislators have been left with ever less discretion over their budgets.
Toothsome and satisfying, brown rice is rice that hasn't been messed with.
Chinook has been competing for checkers championships for years.
It has been big, yes, perhaps a lot bigger than industry experts originally expected or were willing to admit.
The bullying has long been part of life for many climate scientists.
But the relationship between humans and cave bears has been mysterious.
Crisp-fried chicken tacos have been the party entrée of choice here for almost a decade.
Eating a diet of meat from corn-fed animals hasn't been linked to any specific health effects in humans.
However, when the produce has been treated with pesticides, cleaner is better.
Sonic blasters and private security teams have been billed as some of the best bets to ward off pirates.
My friends and colleagues have been quick to absolve me of any responsibility for coming up short.
The deadliest flu strain in history has been resurrected.
All sorts of dictionaries have been written, trying to capture the accent and its spelling.
Next time you find yourself in a bad mood, don't try to put on a happy face-instead tackle a project that has been stymieing you.
We had been spending too much time in crowded, confined, urban places.
Paleo-Anthropology has now been reduced to the same guessing game as weathermen.
It could have been the premiere of a summer blockbuster.
It is less about being about been able to control information about oneself, or about being left alone.
Troops have been constantly on the move since the uprising began.
Eventually, each was told he had been paired with an anonymous partner seated in a different room.
Climate change, habitat destruction, pesticides and disease have all been suggested as possible causes.
As a source of power for cars, fuel cells have been a disappointment.
It has been almost impossible to find a judge who will dare take on the case.
With a sense that the revolution is far from over, people have been stocking up on food and any other available supplies.
For half a century the dollar has been the hegemonic currency.
The virus is made of eight gene segments of known provenance but which have not previously been seen in this combination.
The chief obstacle in previous negotiations had been the interest rate to be charged for the rescue loans.
The private sector has been switching to defined-contribution plans, in which employees bear the investment risk.
But they said it had largely been cleaned up and gave no details of how much oil had spilled.
Legions of farmers are angry that their land has been swallowed up for building by greedy local officials.
They must be, and long have been, insulated from political pressures.
But for the pure creative stuff, they've always been quite happy for us to go off into a little corner.
It could be a specific reaction to a virus or some sort of infectious agent, but none has been identified.
Giant pandas have long been a biological curiosity, owing in part to their strict bamboo diet and low rate of reproduction.
Humans may have been causing climate change for much longer than we've been burning fossil fuels.
Moreover, these bacteria have been implicated in the development of neurological and behavioral disorders.
Workers had been made aware that the experiment would be taking place, but it still ended catastrophically.
But billions of years ago the moon may have been a place of far more dynamism-literally.
There have also been attempts to douse trees with pheromones that disrupt the mating process.
Until now, the cause of the vulture die-off has been a mystery.
Scientists say it's the first time wild animals have been shown to call out their own names.
The sun's role in global warming has long been a matter of debate and is likely to remain a contentious topic.
It was brought to the law firm by a client who says he did not know that it had been stolen.
It inhabits tropical and subtropical coastal waters around the world and has been observed clambering onto land to sunbathe.
Medicinal leeches have been used for more than a century for various medical therapies.
It's been the subject of campfire stories for decades.
Pesticides and parasites have been the competing hypotheses offered to explain the phenomenon.
In this recession, starting a business from scratch or buying a franchise has been the way out for many.
But there's something big that the smartphone, try as it might, has not been able to stare down into oblivion: pen and paper.
Unfortunately, he has not been able to abide by those guidelines and has therefore forfeited his position on the roster.
Maybe he should have been a reporter instead of an actor.
Many other versions of the play have been produced, too.
The system had already been neatly laid out in books.
Travelers can visit temples and churches so breathtaking they must have been built with divine inspiration.
There must have been some other way that the eggs could have been kept safe and warm enough to develop properly.
On the one hand, the intellectual experience that awaits our students is probably richer now than it has ever been.
Until the recession, study abroad had been on an unprecedented growth spurt.
All of those degree programs have been developed in a little over a decade, and many more are in development around the country.
His clarity and focus over the past couple of months were sharper than they had ever been.
Here are things some of our students have been asked.
The idea of customized textbooks has been around for years, but until recently use of the option was rare.
They want confirmation that something is wrong with higher education, that they have been lied to, systematically.
But it has never been shown that he had any actual share in the composition of the work.
The day had been clear and the night came on warm and pleasant.
There had not been wanting signs of some coming change.
All day he had been trying to make up his mind to go through with the adventure and now he was acting.
They employed a sort of writing that has been deciphered, and their language is now known.
It has been found lying on the deep fascia instead of beneath it.
One true story of the recession is that employment gains have been biased toward the highly educated.
Don't end a story with the whole shebang having been a suicide note.
For three days now, buildings and vehicles have been smashed and set on fire, while stores and warehouses were looted.
Police have been unable to do much to slow the mayhem.
The photo is powerful, and the response to it has been strong.
When a story is done and has been pulled off the roller, you can still feel it in your fingers.
Three weeks earlier a monsoon destroyed several thousand unfired bricks that had been left drying on factory grounds.
Now it's been mothballed, gutted, and put up for sale.
Every care has been given to the preparation of the text and the notes.
In effect, there's been an eternal longing to give up atoms for bits.
The truth is, the commercial buttermilk you've been buying in the supermarket isn't buttermilk.
The ketchup has a mellow, integrated curry flavor, and may have been my favorite sauce of the bunch.
But there's also been a backlash against labor generally.
Watching this, of course, puts us in a morally ambivalent position: our neighbors' troubles have been turned into theatre.
What had been presented primarily as a counter-proliferation mission has been reconceived as counterterrorism.
Then another one, then a plummeting inside of him as the wall clock showed that what he'd thought was another hour had not been.
The video was not made public in any of the subsequent court proceedings, nor has there been any public government mention of it.
She'd been tied down and tortured, under a big round sun.
Schizophrenia has long been blamed on bad genes or even bad parents.
But why that's the case has been a mystery-until now.
Insects have long been the best fliers around, but no one knew what kept them in the air--until now.
Lately, however, more and more researchers have been taking the opposite perspective.
The chimney had been made entirely by single-celled microbes.
They had been at sea for weeks or perhaps months before that.
Three perfectly respectable theories for lunar origin had been proposed.
He had been in perfect health until three months earlier, when he suddenly developed pneumonia in both lungs.
There had been several reports of adult males killing infants.
We think the doxycycline she's been taking for her skin set it off.
Vast amounts of the clean-burning fossil fuel have been discovered in shale deposits, setting off a gas rush.
She had been complaining of pains in her side, and a scan revealed a blockage in her left kidney.
When a pattern of ultraviolet light is projected on this layer, the material solidifies only where it's been exposed to the light.
Over the past few years, there has been a drive to develop displays that more closely mimic the properties of paper.
In fact, until now, it has been a bit too promising.
Because of these advantages, nonrechargeable zinc-air batteries have long been on the market.
Gecko feet have long been a source of inspiration to scientists striving to make superstrong, reusable adhesives.
Warp drives have been the focus of science fiction writers for decades.
Some snow flakes shapes are so complex that no computer model has ever been able to generate them.
It must have been particularly dull to have escaped observation before and after its close approach.
Recently there have been efforts to create stronger, high-performance concrete, mainly by increasing the material's density.
Unfortunately, many would-be users haven't been able to experience it themselves yet.
The idea of concentrating sunlight to reduce the size of solar cells--and therefore to cut costs--has been around for decades.
Crystalline silicon has long been the staple of the semiconductor industry.
Over the past five years, researchers have been overturning this notion.
According to the note that had been left with her, she had been born one day earlier.
Three of them are known to have been killed, and the fourth is presumed dead.
It would have been more acute to say that he made a career out of pronouncing them.
He nodded for me to enter the safe, which was the size of a small room and could have been a bomb shelter.
The scientific studies and findings must have been exhaustive.
Small businesses have been unable to get the credit they need to expand their businesses, and credit is still extremely tight.
Eleven police had been killed, including the city's anti-terrorism chief.
The four houses where the tragedy unfolded have recently been patched up.
The words have been spoken during rising tides of prosperity and the still waters of peace.
Photographers have been manipulating imagery since the medium was invented.
These drugs, however, had not initially been developed to treat mental illness.
They had been derived from drugs meant to treat infections, and were found only serendipitously to alter the mental state.
The famous credibility gap, which has been with us for six long years, has suddenly opened up into an abyss.
Flows of finance have been restored, albeit with large areas of continuing public support.
The shoulders of the road had been mowed incompletely or not at all.
Civilization may have been hanging in the balance, but the prime minister wanted his bath.
Such points have been made before, but rarely by such hardheaded members of the academic establishment.
The sounds of celebration, however, have been decidedly muted.
Not only has he wasted his inheritance and his talents, but his emotional life has been remarkably arid too.
The revolution's survival has not been based on caprice.
True, the past forty years have not been wholly devoid of change or progress.
And you can rest easy if you'd been nervous about rumors of possible changes to the show's deliciously catty judging panel.

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