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Example sentences for bedtime

Many of us enjoy an occasional bedtime chat with a loved one who is far away.
We did not have the benefit of having stories read to us at bedtime, and unfortunately went to bed hungry far too often.
When gathered around the stove before bedtime, veterans of these stations sometimes tell newcomers a cautionary tale.
There is no fixed bedtime, and no one tells anyone else to go to sleep.
One part of the site contains sea-kitten bedtime stories.
Take melatonin earlier--if possible, take it at what would be bedtime in your new time zone.
He picks his own bedtime reading, and he chooses these books about every other day.
While some children were finishing their homework or reading bedtime stories, those with games were mashing buttons.
What the story was actually about were the bedtime complaints of a disenfranchised fourth grader.
He seemed to be having far too good a time to think of settling down to warmed slippers and bedtime cocoa.
It is the impact of that choice that causes dissatisfaction, by disrupting bedtime routines and provoking arguments.
We now have a dozen books stacked up for bedtime reading.
It's a great way to sneak an explanation of light and optics into a bedtime routine.
Not, you might safely say, your typical bedtime reading.
Exercising close to bedtime, however, may increase alertness.
Michal loves his brother's scary bedtime tales, an affection he conveys with infectious ingenuousness.
Avoid drinking fluids right before bedtime so that you do not have to wake up to urinate.
Continue reading about favorite bedtime stories, poems and routines.
My doctor recommended eating something before bedtime but that did not seem to work.

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