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We even quit sleeping in the same bedroom for several years, but are in the same bed now.
Westerners prefer a quiet bedroom, sleeping alone or with a partner.
The couple wanted to take advantage of some roof space for the loft bedroom.
Here basic roman shades help maintain the sleek lines of a chic, modern bedroom.
To the rear, a lower-floor bedroom addition created the platform for the roof deck.
Three built-in shelves serve the bedroom wall and the entry on the opposite side.
The top of the windows sits at the base of the master bedroom deck.
Arrange small light weight mirrors grid-style for a glamorous regency-style look in the bedroom.
Storage units in the kitchen and bedroom double as dividing walls.
For the past two nights, a barred owl has been calling from the big-leaf maple outside my bedroom window.
The rent is ten dollars a month for the room and a miserable little coop of a bedroom where the old folks sleep.
He took me first to a bedroom and flung half a dozen of his suits before me, for my own had been pretty well reduced to rags.
It was thus the dark bedroom, prolific of untold depravities, came into the world.
The dark, unventilated bedroom is going with them, and the open sewer.
The next thought was of a factory stack which he could see from his bedroom window.
There is a sound from the open bedroom door in the rear as if someone were getting out of bed.
He awoke laughing and his eyes lazily roamed his surroundings, evidently a bedroom and bath in a good hotel.
It also has bedroom, kitchen, and mercantile vignettes.
He and his siblings gathered in the upstairs bedroom of their house, avidly following their favorite serials.
Does it mean a bedroom community or agricultural interests wink wink are engaged.
Real estate is booming, with two-bedroom condominiums facing the sea fetching up to a million euros.
Most people get a better night's sleep if their bedroom is cool with adequate ventilation.
For example, maybe they mostly hung around their bedroom.
Then again, so is providing her with her own bedroom in a country where so many are homeless.
The second part covers the move from bedroom to hospitals.
As for the rest of you godless hetero-couples reading this, toss your contraceptives and get busy in the bedroom.
We want you to help us go boldly where few have gone before, into your bedroom.
The kitchen and maid's bedroom have been reconfigured.
Sure, my sons would rather plunge two stories out their bedroom windows than have me kiss them good night.
In addition, the university provides me with a three-bedroom house on campus for free.
If you are single, you only qualify for a one-bedroom apartment.
If you have a family, you can get a two-bedroom apartment.
Take something to help you sleep if you see any in the bedroom upon arrival, but seriously, it's not that bad.
In one dream, he limped up the gravel road from our family cemetery and tapped on my bedroom window.
And he delivers all of his lectures from a bedroom closet.
Because our bedroom is on the second floor of our condo, it's usually warmer than the thermostat downstairs.
She ran upstairs and grabbed his shotgun from his bedroom, which she knew neither how to load nor to fire.
Two of the one-bedroom cabins come with hot tub or spa and sleeps up to four.
The two-bedroom units sleep eight and offer kitchenettes and living rooms with a sofa bed.
The two-bedroom chalets can accommodate four people, while the three-bedroom chalets can accommodate six people.
Accommodations include one-bedroom king rooms, one-bedroom suites, two-bedroom suites and three-bedroom suites.
Its chalets sleep up to eight people and feature a first-floor bedroom and loft bedroom.
Spa tubs are located in the master bedroom and the private balconies are large enough to fit tables and chairs.
One- and two-bedroom apartments as well as two-bedroom cottages with kitchens, living rooms and fireplaces are also available.
Cottages come in studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom sizes.
Rustic two-bedroom cabins and a three-bedroom lake home have private docks and lake views.
Couples can choose one-bedroom economy cabins, one-bedroom luxury cabins or two-bedroom cabins.
They include a living area on the downstairs and a bedroom upstairs, with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out to the sea.
The three-bedroom cabins are more romantic and ideal for honeymooners.
He watched helplessly as city officials pounded a stake in his bedroom floor.
There's a secondary bedroom in a loft overlooking the living room.
The speakers emit enough sound to fill any bedroom or den.
And because it runs absolutely silent, this puppy is great for use in a bedroom.
The other sites are too well placed and coordinated to be the work of a bunch of bedroom laptop jockeys.
Ministers seldom resign promptly, even after scandals unrelated to the bedroom.
His bedroom runs the length of the house, with windows at either end, and every year the swallows try to fly through them.
In some cases it lies between the bedroom and a morning cup of tea.
She created an exotic persona, held court with cheetahs and tiger cubs and installed a coffin in her bedroom.
In the bedroom, seminal fluid is also involved in the mix.
It's in the bedroom somewhere, probably within reach on a bedside bureau.
Some surviving small towns have simply become bedroom communities for large cities, and have lost their character.
Another high-school teacher speaks of the one-bedroom flat he shares with seven others.
Fashion photographs from magazines decorated his bedroom walls.
The blast broke his bedroom window and strewed blackened bits of the chopper over a nearby wheat field.
Married with three children, he lives with his parents and sister's family-fourteen people crammed into a single-bedroom hovel.
Anyway, his video was supposed to show an alien looking in a bedroom window.
The next thing he knew, he was lying on the floor beside his bed and had nearly put his fist through the bedroom wall.
She couldn't find the guest bedroom, and she would often joke that her husband had moved it when she wasn't looking.
She could not climb the stairs to her bedroom without help, and even the lightest chores were taxing.
Should you plan to retain the dehumidifier within your bedroom, make positive the sound experience degree is acceptable for you.
The full moon is insanely bright, and can keep people awake at night if it's shining in their bedroom window.
There are squirrels living in the spare bedroom upstairs.
We will continue at the medicine cabinet in the bathroom off the master bedroom.
Then the light is turned out and with it the boys' view of the bedroom.
Then he'd filled the mug again and brought it back to the bedroom.
Here they live in a one-bedroom condo they bought a few years ago, nothing fancy but right on the beach.
Her husband who had been at a wake the night before was found dead in his bedroom the next afternoon.
He even painted the walls of his bedroom, in the attic, with a lurid narrative of the war.
She got up slowly, put her plate in the sink, and walked down the hail to the bedroom.
He spent hours locked away in his bedroom devouring science books.
He has a digital video-production studio in his bedroom.
Using the by now familiar technique, he managed to maneuver me into his bedroom.
So at night the material solidifies and releases the heat back into your bedroom, which resists cooling down.
Still, they never lost that sense of being a people's band, a bedroom collector's outfit.
He had collapsed in his bedroom after a family dinner.
She had a gun in her bedroom and one day she asked me to show her how to shoot it.
There was a door with a bedroom beyond, which was all bed.
They could be heard through the bedroom wall earlier that morning.
In the bedroom, the importance of general lighting is secondary to warmly illuminated small areas and accurately lit task areas.
The master bedroom is secluded in the rear of the house.

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