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Crews did find bedrock sooner than expected, but the building was always intended to be aboveground, he learned.
To accomplish that, the labs will be constructed one level below grade, directly on bedrock.
It's my job to build a relationship on a bedrock of trust and persuade a prospect to invest in us.
The topsoil is relatively thin and was formed by weathering of the underlying bedrock.
Two materials match the thermal properties of this layer: water ice or ordinary bedrock.
Since then, gene patents have become the bedrock of the burgeoning biotech industry.
Pleasure is a huge part of sentience, and sentience is the bedrock of ethics.
In some places, radio waves reflected evenly, suggesting that the ice was sitting on something much smoother than craggy bedrock.
He was utterly without ethics or morals or any bedrock sense of decency.
The bedrock of this book is not abstract issues, it's about individuals against exotic landscapes.
Give them a clear standard that is in accordance with the bedrock principles of our nation.
As the depression gathers more water, the water leaks downward and eats away at more bedrock, catalyzing its further dissolution.
Some are still attached to the bedrock out of which they were carved, roughed out but with details of the ears or hands missing.
Feelings of pain or pleasure or some quality in between are the bedrock of our minds.
The shafts leading to the chamber had been dug not through a layer of solid bedrock but through weak, brittle clay.
Natural aquifers enter the desert valley at various points where there are cracks in the bedrock.
Most of the ground there is broken up with rocks the size of busses or larger, with ridges of bedrock slicing through the terrain.
The arsenic was natural, part of the volcanic bedrock, and was being released as the lake bed dried and blew away.
There is simply no set of bedrock principles on which one can base calculations that illuminate real-world economic outcomes.
It's the bedrock that our social lives are built upon and people go to great lengths to build and maintain a solid one.
It's a harder bedrock, so that when an earthquake occurs the energy is transferred much easier from one place to another.
Areas of the sheet grounded above sea level or on upward-sloping bedrock would remain in place.
Those parts of the sheet grounded above sea level or on bedrock that slopes upwards would remain in place.
He spoke to me from a quarry, where he was on a project to break up bedrock for use under roads.
Faith and trust in the source of knowledge and information are often the bedrock of opinion.
Another way sinkholes can form is if water enlarges a natural fracture in a limestone bedrock layer.
Before the pyramids, tombs were carved into bedrock and topped by flat-roofed structures called mastabas.
In addition, acidic rain or groundwater can enlarge a natural fracture in a limestone bedrock layer to form a sinkhole.
Generations of geologists have placed their literal, bedrock faith in ground truth.
He points to a round pit in the yellowish bedrock below.
Early tombs were cut into the bedrock and capped with a low mud-brick building known as a mastaba.
Melted candle wax crusted the bedrock on either side of the opening.
And a bedrock for any successful team is a culture that supports frank discussion, even if it's about bad news or mistakes.
Business customers have been the bedrock of the industry ever since.
The bedrock of the tea-party movement is angry small-business owners.
Those agreements still form a bedrock for the laws of war and the protection of non-combatants.
The bedrock on which the study is founded is the same as that on which opinion polls are built: random sampling.
But the bedrock reason not to torture is that it is wrong, that it is evil, period.
Design and creativity are the bedrock of any luxury brand.
Intellectual property protection and a stable legal system are the bedrock on which much innovation rests.
They both have the same core beliefs, chiefly a bedrock faith in big-government conservatism.
The caves, created when cracks formed in the bedrock, often contain snow and ice during the summer.
Also underground and built into bedrock will be a room for unidentified remains.
Polygon coverage for outcrops or bedrock exposures examined during this study.
Stewards are taught how to identify artifacts and features such as bedrock outcrops with grinding and milling elements.
Characteristics of bedrock and surficial geologic terranes and structural features at various levels of detail.
Here various rock basin depressions occur within the decomposing granite bedrock.
Broad expanses of exposed bedrock greet the visitor along the raised walkway to the lighthouse.

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