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Example sentences for bedraggled

The emergency rooms of this bedraggled region are facing their own emergency.
Newspapers across the country published pictures of one of its cars being towed to a dealer by four bedraggled horses.
Gold discovered at those sites over a century ago transformed bedraggled prospectors into instant millionaires.
His resignation leaves the coalition even more bedraggled.
The three are starving, bedraggled and wracked by tropical fevers.
For all the bedraggled look of the mattress-and-sleeping-bag-strewn camp, it has a structure and routine.
We were superficially bedraggled but fundamentally sturdy.
By the time she emerged, bedraggled but clear-headed, she knew what to do: make a sitcom about being fat.
Nonetheless, he cautioned that lower rates might not be able to ease the problems in the bedraggled credit markets.
There are photographs of dapper poseurs as well as skinny yeshiva boys, vacation revelers as well as bedraggled water-carriers.
The tent camps that dot the city look ever-shabbier, and their inhabitants thinner and more bedraggled.
His fur was bedraggled and wet, she realized, from the tears dripping down her nose and cheeks.
We were all bedraggled, hadn't had any sleep for days.
In spring, often battered and bedraggled, they return.
Befuddled and bedraggled dog can't find yard in heavy snow.
She was breathless and bedraggled, but with the encouragement of her friend she didn't quit.
By the time it was over, the communists' reach for global supremacy had become tired and bedraggled.
The convoy returned in late afternoon with a bedraggled crew.
They're bedraggled, they're forlorn, they're slumping rather than standing up straight.
Occasionally a faded print wrapper is seen flapping about a scant form, and a bedraggled sunbonnet lops above.

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The guy has baggy pants, flat feet, the most miserable, bedraggled-looking little bastard you ever saw; mak... more
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