bedded in a sentence

Example sentences for bedded

Well, not entirely embedded, unless you mean king-bedded.
Anyway, this is a pretty beautiful example of the expression of thin-bedded turbidites.
Eventually the whole area was quiet as they bedded down for another evening.
Now, bedded down, they turned resolute and disapproving.
There are queen-, king- or double-bedded rooms available, each with its own patio.
Once they're bedded down and ready to go, however, they start to have second thoughts.
He lined a box with old newspaper, bedded the ax inside, and then carried it downstairs to the air-raid shelter for safekeeping.
The quartzite members are thinly bedded and commonly micaceous or graphitic.
Some deep-bedded producers noted that it was harder to find sick cattle in a deep-bedded facility.
The project conducts research using bedded hoop barns for finishing swine, gestating swine, and market beef cattle.
The sediments page leads to information about contaminated sediments and suspended and bedded sediments.

Famous quotes containing the word bedded

It is cotter-pinned, it is bedded true. Everything its parts can do Has been thought out and accounted for.... more
Women born at the turn of the century have been conditioned not to speak openly of their wedding nights. Of other nights... more
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