bed rest in a sentence

Example sentences for bed rest

Being on bed rest for a few months is sure to cure of the need the have everything spotless.
The volunteers were on bed rest the entire time and ate the same amount of calories at the same time each day.
Doctors often used to prescribe bed rest for low-back pain.
Travelers who become infected should get bed rest and drink lots of fluids to prevent dehydration.
Potential complications of extended bed rest include increased risk of pneumonia and blood clots.
At the slightest sign of a cold, he restricts himself to bed rest and dining in.
Bed rest is no longer recommended and may delay recovery.
Complete bed rest for several days is usually recommended.
Bed rest is recommended to reduce demands on the heart.
The best treatment for mono is rest, but after a period of prolonged bed rest it is helpful to get up and move around.
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