bed linen in a sentence

Example sentences for bed linen

Bed linen and a pack including water, tissues and earplugs are provided.
Meals are prepared aboard the ship daily, and the sleeping compartments come with fresh bed linen supplied.
Bedrooms are simply but elegantly decorated with chocolate-brown soft furnishings and white walls and bed linen.
Bed linen, bedclothes, and supplies will be bagged and surveyed.
In this case, the components of the bed linen package are products of two different countries.
Bed linen, blankets, pillows and towels are not provided in the cabins.
When unlocked and out of position, the guardrail can be removed for easy access to change bed linen.
Towels, bed linen, and clothing used by infected persons should be thoroughly laundered.
Avoid skin-to-skin contact and sharing of clothing or bed linen with untreated, infested individuals.
Bed linen and clothing can be washed in a washing machine using a standard detergent for clothing.
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