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The home had great potential for becoming the multifunctional space they needed.
The biggest challenge is becoming familiar with the process and with the key pieces of equipment.
Keep plant under control to prevent it from becoming rampant.
As the industry matures, it is becoming more concentrated.
The government's health messages are becoming increasingly strident.
As well as becoming more footloose, the workforce is becoming less standardised.
Once a source of economic dynamism, megacities risk becoming a drag on growth.
Unfortunately, such steps will come too late for areas already claimed by desert sands or in imminent peril of becoming so.
He translates the stories of the elder chiefs, becoming the link to the ancient traditions of the pre-reservation generation.
They're breakable, contain toxic material, and are becoming increasingly commonplace.
Cell phone networks worldwide are on the brink of becoming sophisticated weather gauges, researchers say.
Hydrogen may be getting a step closer to becoming a mainstream, renewable fuel.
With that, rap was well on its way to becoming the worldwide phenomenon and multi-billion dollar industry it is today.
Learning how to create and use mental maps, therefore, is a fundamental part of the process of becoming geographically informed.
If you're thinking about becoming a professor, it's important to see if you actually enjoy teaching.
So, if you are looking for more of an intellectual challenge, then becoming a professor makes sense.
Historical scholarship is becoming steadily more multicultural, while your time to read is becoming steadily more limited.
Clearly, higher education cannot continue its pattern of annual increases in costs without the system's becoming unglued.
Those are becoming more frequent but there are many factors causing this to happen.
Likewise, dry ice is becoming a popular, non-toxic alternative to embalming.
As a result, the network changes, becoming rigid at room temperature and below.
As demand for freshwater soars, planetary supplies are becoming unpredictable.
Branding with a sustainable theme is becoming more common.
Magnetic north becoming south, and south becoming north.
Increasingly many bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotic treatment, presenting a serious public health threat.
Removing the salt from briny water is becoming more affordable.
Portable consumer products such as music players, cameras and cell phones are becoming ever smaller.
It was always the becoming he dreamed of, never the being.
The desire for a national literature was undiminished, though it was perhaps becoming more intelligent.
But he had not learned tact while becoming a citizen of the world, and he soon angered the public he had meant to set right.
The subject would become so big in his mind that he himself would be in danger of becoming a grotesque.
Regenerative medicine's once-wild ideas are fast becoming reality.
The landscape is slowly becoming more open and green, the prairie reappearing from beneath the plant.
The question is becoming only more complicated in an age marked by unprecedented flows of information and the threat of terrorism.
Culinary school isn't the only-or even the best-route to becoming an acclaimed chef.
Always rare, the flytrap is now in danger of becoming the mythical creature it sounds as if it should be.
The bird bones never turned up, and all the while dinosaur fossils were becoming more and more avian in nature.
But many never leave their native countries, being installed in hotels and restaurants or becoming household pets.
How the organism manages to be so successful is becoming clearer.
He had early dreams of becoming a cook, penning a middle school term paper on the topic.
If there's one fault here, it's that snagging a reservation is already becoming a challenge.
Becoming a sous chef is no small feat-the entire process takes a minimum of four years.
With all the advances we've made in grilling techniques, simplicity is becoming a forgotten art.
It saddens me to think that this is becoming an almost lost art.
But a small shift in beverages isn't the only trend reinforcing the fact that the past is becoming the key to the future of food.
But face to face he is often charming, and he's becoming more comfortable onstage.
In a society that's becoming more stratified, a sensible tax system should draw more distinctions, not fewer.
The world of banking, it's becoming clear, operates according to different norms from those of the rest of the business world.
But it appears that some corners of the animal kingdom are becoming kinder, gentler places.
It was in the corner of my eye and the desire to investigate further was becoming irresistible.
Ethanol may be becoming cheaper to make, but ethanol is destroying open cycle engines and older cars.
Cars are becoming more computerized, an evolution that could have an unintended side effect: vulnerability to attacks.
T he idea that the office is a specific place where our professional lives happen is becoming less universal, and less important.
The idea that the office is a specific place where our professional lives happen is becoming less universal, and less important.
Mashups--online applications that combine data and tools from different websites--are becoming increasingly useful.
But this doesn't mean we're becoming less mentally agile or thoughtful, say the researchers involved.
But it's becoming increasingly common for governments to use transparent proxies to censor and track dissidents and protestors.
The research is still a long way from becoming a product, but tests so far have been encouraging.
It is becoming almost free to communicate with people anywhere in the world.
The video shows a cell that has engaged in a synapse becoming infected days later.
Rather than existing as products, software is becoming a service.
The system is actually designed for use with a type of roofing material that's becoming more common.
In fact, the economy of the wireless networks is becoming so rough to many operators around the globe.
Your zombies have always walked with a meandering shuffle, but modern zombies seem to be becoming more aerobic.
The more people are turning to it, the more viable it's becoming.
Exoskeletons are currently at the earliest stages of becoming a medical solution for some people.
Babies born in rich nations today have the best shot at becoming centenarians.
Now it is becoming clear that memories are surprisingly vulnerable and highly dynamic.
The patient was becoming ill and then abruptly getting better.
New-found worlds are becoming bigger, hotter, and stranger.
Newly discovered planets are becoming ever smaller, lighter, and more familiar to us earthlings.
Maintaining even a simple daily routine was becoming impossible.
It does not get how irrelevant it is becoming to the rest of the world.
Gradually the idea grew that schooling was a necessary means of becoming a useful member of society.
What was once considered heretical is becoming conventional wisdom.
Writing was becoming increasingly difficult, and he had always put into it everything he had.
Some ants get forced into low-status jobs and are prevented from becoming upwardly mobile by other members of the colony.
Harsh prison sentences for political dissidents are becoming increasingly routine.
Overview of general requirements for becoming a licensed broker.

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