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Water regularly after planting, then cut back on watering as tree becomes established.
By the time the host's tongue is a nub the parasite becomes a stand-in.
He becomes malleable and suggestible, and in some instances he may confabulate.
Indeed, the more microscopic biology gets, the more diverse it becomes.
But it often fails to predict the changes that happen as a crowd's density increases and its movement becomes chaotic.
When one becomes disabled all of those behind it cannot proceed.
When health-care costs are shared, obesity becomes a burden for everyone.
But when uncertainty increases substantially, the temptation is to freeze-to do nothing until the situation becomes clearer.
On closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that the crisis forced the industry as a whole to batten down the hatches.
The second danger is that the system becomes progressively less stable as risk-taking is encouraged.
At the same time as the useful life of consumer goods becomes shorter, consumers hanker after goods that endure.
Everything to be seen and heard becomes precious and surprising.
When the unthinkable suddenly becomes the inevitable, without pausing in the realm of the improbable, then you have contagion.
The question of what becomes of such workers is the critical one.
By creating complex material structures within the fibres a new level of functionality becomes possible.
Fighting may intensify until the land becomes greener again.
As the system of leverage that magnified credit collapses in on itself, borrowing becomes harder and demand falters.
The result is that the pitted tungsten becomes much hotter than a plain sheet of the metal could manage.
The more chemically stable the folded protein becomes, the more points the players are awarded.
The mesodermal wall of the tube becomes condensed to form the cartilages of the larynx and trachea.
In reptiles, birds, and many mammals the allantois becomes expanded into a vesicle which projects into the extra-embryonic celom.
It becomes covered with hair at the time of puberty.
As the nerve enters the optic foramen its dural sheath becomes continuous with that lining the orbit and the optic foramen.
But since the first method is often ineffectual, it becomes necessary to resort to the second.
When the lung collapses or when air or fluid collects between the two layers the cavity becomes apparent.
The ovary becomes displaced during the first pregnancy, and probably never again returns to its original position.
But in this way he becomes hateful to his subjects, and growing impoverished is held in little esteem by any.
It is deep and narrow above, and becomes shallow and a little broader as it descends.
Recursion, the powerful engine of the computer program, becomes a metaphor for my own growth as well.
Imagine how interesting things will get as dictation tech becomes better, cheaper, and more omnipresent.
The ribbon threaded between them becomes the frenching tongues.
But as neural engineering becomes more complex and more widespread, the potential for security breaches will mushroom.
Less understood, however, is what becomes of those patterns at moments of incomplete recall.
As the relative humidity increases, hair becomes longer, and as the humidity drops it becomes shorter.
When water evaporates from a pond to become water vapor, heat energy becomes the kinetic energy of the added motion.
The reason condensation becomes dominant in the cooler air is that more of the molecules are moving at slower speeds.
The brain becomes a target in stem cell clinical trials.
The better the technology, the more invisible it becomes around us.
When you sleep, muscle tone throughout your body decreases, or becomes hypotonic.
As the ocean becomes more acidic, it will be harder for corals to grow.
The result is that the combusting gases also have to diffuse outward to obtain new oxygen, so the fire becomes bigger.
If the sound becomes annoying, the animal might inspect it.
And he of course becomes inexorably subservient to it.
Some of these so-called tumor suppressor genes function in normal cells but turn off when the cell becomes cancerous.
But, when the wire is longer than six atoms, the oxygenated gold becomes an insulator.
Space stations started out as any other technology does before it becomes a reality-as concepts.
The less-acidic environment that results becomes a better host for other methanogens.
When sunlight hits the tubes the liquid within becomes superheated.
The volunteers can stop the heat the moment it becomes painful.
Either way, the spacecraft becomes the first object in interstellar space created by intelligent life.
The photoreceptor is insulating in the dark, but becomes conducting when it is exposed to light.
With growing distance the angle of observation becomes narrower.
For people with bipolar disorder, thoughts can race so quickly that the manic feeling becomes aversive.
History is being misinterpreted and after sometime, this becomes the correct thing.
Currently doctors only have hours to get a donated organ into a living patient before the organ becomes too damaged.
But all too often when you focus on the people's faces, the fashion becomes secondary.
Remember that the photographer becomes a floating platform on which the camera rests.
When light is bent around a surface, for instance, the surface itself effectively becomes invisible.
Some of this water soaks deep into the ground and becomes groundwater.
But the lack of oxygen becomes persistent if nutrient levels stay high.
In the beginning, one cell becomes two, and two become four.
Some of the energy released by these collisions becomes visual light-and treats onlookers to a spectacular sky show.
Remove that molecule and the cobra becomes toxin-sensitive.
Add it to a mouse, and the mouse becomes toxin-resistant.
The saltier the water gets, the more expensive it becomes to desalinate.
The mask becomes the visual and living manifestation of the gods, both good and evil.
Eventually the ice patch becomes too dense and falls out as a flurry of snow.
At depths about a third of the way down, the hydrogen becomes metallic and electrically conducting.
In the blink of this horse's eye, the blue sky becomes a counterpoint to its stare.
Water precipitating out of the cooling layer falls through the cold layer and becomes snow.
Armed with such a cunning contraption, this tiny ant becomes seriously deadly.
Their quality of life becomes nonexistent, they are in pain from some fatal disease, and they decide to cut their losses.
With the prospect of an unappealing, entry-level job on the horizon, life in college becomes increasingly idealized.
The more people run relays, the stronger the network becomes.
Now add in the economic meltdown and it all only becomes more complex.
It becomes much more systematic, rather than idiosyncratic.
What seems complicated and even unrelated becomes something new.
The richer a society or peer group, the less important visible spending becomes.
As the protagonist loses his grip on reality, scenes are jumbled together and the art becomes sketchy and inconsistent.
If this is right, the pursuit of happiness becomes even trickier.
At this point the three mathematicians' cleverness becomes evident.
Some are strewn with withered wreaths and dried flowers, and suddenly the meaning of the wrecks becomes clear.
The other, over time, becomes an enclave for the rich.
Planning even a year or two ahead becomes nearly impossible.
Over time, the quality of information that can be gleaned from the behavior of others becomes worse and worse.
But it becomes circular and self-defeating when it becomes its own rationale.
And so football's star problem becomes a sales problem.
As you get closer to the failed flood wall, the land becomes more open and rural-looking, and the blackbirds grow louder.
If it weren't for that sly smile, which takes over his face and becomes radiantly joyous, he might be impossible to watch.
He also has the same difficulty with places and often becomes lost when he strays from familiar routes.
In this way, one infected cell soon becomes billions.
Walking through a crowded room becomes a complicated maneuver to prevent falling.
The bathos is all mockery, however, and the more epic the track becomes the better the jokes get.
Conscious learning becomes unconscious knowledge, and you cannot say precisely how.
As your vocabulary becomes more specific, more useful, it also becomes less inclusive.
The parched, lizard-ridden landscape becomes lush as they journey.
He is seriously injured, and eventually becomes epileptic.
The heart becomes thicker-walled from having to pump against the pressure, and less able to respond to the demands of exertion.
Curiosity becomes yearning, and yearning becomes obsession.
None of this should come as a surprise-it is simply what happens when a society's wealth distribution becomes lopsided.
But as soon as the animal senses he is under threat, he becomes hyper alert.
The minute it becomes a public corporation there is this moral justification for bad behavior.
Furthermore, the closer he gets to airplanes, the more straitlaced he becomes.
As the universe expands, it becomes ever more complex and disorderly.
Eventually, the drag becomes so great that the stone can't break free.
And the need for reliable sources of energy becomes more evident with every geopolitical tremor.
One produces pigment for the hair before dying off, while the other becomes a new melanocyte stem cell.
And then ask your doctor if you should get the vaccine when it becomes available.
When you recall a past event, the memory becomes temporarily susceptible to erasure.
When a memory is formed it is consolidated, but each time it's retrieved it becomes unstable again.
If there's enough activator in one spot of the shell, that spot becomes colored.
In the dolphin's case, a thin layer of water flows along the body until it becomes chaotic, or turbulent.
Generators are therefore designed to protect themselves by going off-line if the grid becomes unstable.
Given such a small population, everyone becomes a distant relative after a few centuries.
The farther a face is from this average center, the more extreme it becomes.
So consider a gene that has plasticity such that in one setting an individual carrying that gene becomes reproductive.
It becomes more stable at mammal body temperatures, and sticks more strongly to host cells.
When fiction becomes truth and truth becomes fiction.
Dark energy becomes a natural consequence of this theory and dark matter is not necessary.
But take away the heat and suddenly the strange way in which particle spin influences the properties of matter becomes visible.
Or your entire group becomes sleepy and settles down, so you too become sleepy.
As space exploration becomes more commercial, it is likely to support a market for the tasty brew.
Typically a wayward food particle becomes trapped between a mollusk's shell and its mantle.
After all, whether a particular distant galaxy eventually becomes observable depends on details of cosmic history.
When technology appropriates the transcendental it becomes science fiction.
As wind power becomes more common, its unpredictability becomes more of a problem.
The smaller a silicon transistor becomes, the more electrons it leaks.
For every liter of water taken from the sea, less than half becomes desalted.
But this reliance on ambient light becomes a handicap when trying to make a bright, beautiful color display.
Build a tiny projector into each of those devices, though, and the world becomes your display.
They say that the way folding depends on temperature all becomes clear as soon as you take quantum mechanics into account.
But these are nuances that, presumably, can be added into the model as it becomes more complex.
The average homeowner probably won't be able to afford smart windows until the market becomes saturated.
If one of the pair crosses the horizon, it can make no headway and so becomes trapped.
Unfortunately, with the new designs using wireless sensors, security becomes a potential threat.
And when that happens, the electronic structure of liquid water becomes a connected network.
But once a news frenzy gets momentum, it becomes its own justification.
Eventually it becomes clear that this guy doesn't want to do jokes that rely on ethnicity.
What becomes possible almost immediately becomes expected.
As he thickens the texture and varies the tone of his solos, he becomes that much more effective.
These two sport bonnets and dresses, and the scene becomes a decorous drag show twice over, and with real feeling.
If you get a tan, the condition becomes more noticeable.
Wherever you stand on the question of miracles, one thing becomes clear almost immediately.
The longer he remains unsigned, the more that becomes a possibility.
It's simply a novel about a guy who goes to college and becomes a teacher.
When enough redundant words are added, the meaning of the message becomes unique.
His aestheticism becomes a protest against the painful anxieties of literal minds and calculating consciences.
But the longer it waits to release these funds, the deeper the financial hole becomes.
The entire topic dissolves quickly because its scope becomes too large and its outlines too indefinable to be particularly useful.
The afternoon-free from the blur of hangover or the fug of sleep-is when our shared predicament on this planet becomes clear.
Once a suicide bomber has completed his mission he at once becomes a phantom celebrity.
Searching for a place and a purpose for his life, he becomes increasingly frustrated and angry.
In times of revolution, it becomes particularly bitter.
When information is cheap, attention becomes expensive.
If the private sector sheds jobs and long-term unemployment becomes a problem, you begin hiring workers directly.
As soon as your citizenship becomes a legal construction, so do your rights.
Moreover, as tension mounts and notice increases, your life becomes unbearable.
But military leadership can heighten crises to the point where war becomes unavoidable.
As bad as they already are, things will have to get still worse before major reform becomes politically possible.

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