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Oil remains a vital raw material, but bits and bytes have become one too.
Humans are about to become a majority urban species for the first time.
The consequences for students who lack those skills have become increasingly clear both on campus and after graduation.
Most city skies have become virtually empty of stars.
Patient-derived stem cells reprogrammed to become healthier.
Saddlebags are about to become the next big bike fashion.
Clothing styles have also become more uniform as a result of globalization.
Such powerful storms are exactly what scientists predict to become more frequent as the climate changes.
As he says: become a traveler rather than a tourist.
Paper bags, fabric remnants, and magazine pages become gift wrap.
The new breed of experimental, low-powered laser weapons may or may not become useful on the battlefield.
Many of you reading this post may already be seasoned professors, while others are aspiring to become one.
One interpretation of all this might be that selfish people find it easier to become rich.
They also become particularly attractive, making a tasteful gift.
It's a kind of play in which you become more aware of your body and your physical well-being.
We live at a time when friendship has become both all and nothing at all.
But some people think that will become physically difficult sooner rather than later.
Some wires, made of cobalt oxide and gold, become the negative poles of the battery.
The genuine and virtual towns have become inseparable.
They doubt the integrity of the system and become more sensitive to perceived inequities.
The practices of mapping have again become a key cultural moment.
It is turning into the recurring pattern, and may become the ultimate tragedy, of his presidency.
Intestinal parasites have become more common in both the baboons and the people.
Similarly, in music, sampling-entire tracks constructed from other tracks-has become commonplace.
Pushing ahead of their elders, they have become intoxicated with the possibility of change.
As wild tiger populations shrink, zoos become an increasingly critical reservoir for tiger survival.
It has become a dominant meme to describe the role of information technology in higher education as transformative.
Long-term unemployment is harder to cure, as people's skills atrophy and they become detached from the workforce.
In a non-subsidized world, once fish stocks become depleted, fishers would no longer be able to earn a living.
Mark the spot with a stake and add the plants as they become available in the spring.
The current economic malaise will increase the pressure on companies to become more efficient.
Solar cells, wind turbines and biofuels are poised to become major energy sources.
The lists become fascinating glimpses into the minds and habits of their creators.
To grow these plants as shrubs, shorten any shoots that become too long.
Recasting fairy tale iconography in contemporary context has become popular with artists as well.
Economists can become seduced by their models, fooling themselves that what the model leaves out does not matter.
More resin oozed over the centipede, trapping it forever in what would become a golden, see-through tomb.
One day the ersatz seascape will likely become the real thing.
Gather your flower bulbs as soon as they become available in nurseries.
He says poor examples set by professors can have lasting effects as their students become faculty members.
His color pictures were meant to be personal keepsakes but they've become invaluable artifacts.
Mismatched candlesticks become a fresh new set with a coat of paint.
In a country with a shaky commitment to the rule of law, those identifiers could become weapons.
Once fertile areas of the planet become desert, never to be green again within our lifetimes.
Valuing diversity has become a truism, but it is interesting to consider exactly how diversity improves decision making.
Thanks to its indoor-outdoor connection and wealth of amenities, the courtyard has become a much-used addition to the home.
To become a scholar, you must become both a specialist and a generalist.
But not all original contributions take the form of books, even if some pieces of your contribution will one day become a book.
Bunches of ripe tomatoes still clinging to the vine have become a familiar sight at produce markets.
The chameleon's brain may tell the yellow cells in its skin to become larger than the blue cells below.
In fact, lots of baseball terms have become part of everyday speech.
Oil spills cause the fur and feathers of affected wildlife to become wet and matted, causing hypothermia.
Pure diamond is an electrical insulator, but doped, it can become a semiconductor with exceptional properties.
Boosting people's sense of self-worth has become a national preoccupation.
Over the years, the role of university auditor has become increasingly professionalized.
The particles that once seemed impossibly esoteric have become ever more informative.
But eventually they become completely invested in the profession, unable to envision themselves doing anything else.
Unfortunately for our society, a college degree has become the new high school diploma.
The modern university has become a kind of intellectual shopping mall.
Fit has become one seriously over-determined signifier, co-opted so often and for such disparate ends as to become meaningless.
Such work-mandated relationships can be extremely rewarding and often become friendships.
The one student who hadn't been self-conscious said she had become so after hearing the other students' stories.
As a result, in hospitals across the nation, some antibiotics have become powerless against life-threatening infections.
What has become increasingly contentious is the question of how many species can be counted among what has already been collected.
Most were subsequently found alive after having become hopelessly lost in dense underbrush and rugged volcanic terrain.
She thinks that someday, when she's no longer dancing, she might become a lawyer who works with artists and performers.
The next generation, therefore, will be more or less fit to become the home of intelligent life.
As soon as smelts are put into fat, remove fat to back of range so that they may not become too brown before cooked through.
As a matter of fact, it did not so become established.
Boil first five ingredients until, when tried in cold water mixture will become brittle.
There is no eel so small but it hopes to become a whale.
The brain may become paralysed and the individual still live.
The ultimate result is that each creature tends to become more and more improved in relation to its conditions.
Boil until, when tried in cold water, mixture will become brittle.
Wire basket and mason jars become outdoor chandelier.
Left undisturbed, they'd glom onto each other and become a fortress of twisted shells.
Bees and butterflies loved the space from the start, and now that plants are maturing, birds have become regulars as well.
The trick in both cases, was tipping the blocks sideways so that their open spaces become integral to the design.
Many computer scientists take it on faith that one day machines will become conscious.
If someone has excess growth hormone, they become excessively tall and become an acromegalic giant.
Will the submissive become leader or dominant become leader.
Phenomena that look exponential eventually level off or become linear at a certain point.
Eventually, ocean water could become corrosive, dissolving reefs faster than corals can grow.
If you carry these variants that turn down dopamine, you become more socially desirable.
Others, weighed down by the stress of being fired or losing a loved one, become depressed.
Because of this, power plant computers remain vulnerable to known viruses long after security patches become available.
Physicians have long believed that people smoke primarily for pleasure and become psychologically dependent on that pleasure.
Optical interferometry has already become more than a technical curiosity.
Without trees to fill these roles, many former forest lands can quickly become barren deserts.
Mutant hitchhikers may become a major hurdle in the quest to send humans deeper into the galaxy, scientists say.
Even an existing desert can become more of a wasteland when ecological balances change.
But such sights are increasingly rare, as snake charmers become an endangered species.
If you're trained and acclimated to the heat, you really don't notice it until you become dehydrated.
As their fat is depleted, the humps become floppy and flabby.
But chances are more of the country will become palatable to them if it does indeed become warmer and wetter.
If investors lose faith, the market may become disorderly as they scramble to take their profits.
Supply chains have become ever more complex and extended.
These incentives have become a huge factor in choosing where to shoot a film.
Letting more people become lawyers won't drive down costs in high-flying corporate law.
If the country cannot right itself before that happens, it will default on its sovereign debt and become an economic pariah.
The deep reading that used to come naturally has become a struggle.
Those laptops will become smaller and lighter as files and applications move into the cloud.
As the medium has become more popular, money has flowed in.
Often, serious side effects of a drug don't become apparent until years after the drug is first marketed.
In trade, as in other realms, they must become responsible stakeholders.
It's become clear that neither government programs nor large companies can solve the jobs program alone.
For instance, many of us learned the principles of math and use them to pay our taxes, but didn't become mathematicians.
By then, heavily oiled marshes had become the staple subject of television crews and photographers.
But, given the scope and depth of the recession, it's also likely that any stimulus would have become a political albatross.
But now he's become a national figure in a whole new way.
Most college graduates are vegetarians and will become cranky or upset if offered meat.
Once he decided to become a writer, he faced the problem of how to keep physically fit.
The patient's face would become badly swollen, the pain acute.
New studies have found that video games may become a powerful learning tool for students.
Today's stock market has become a world of automated transactions executed at lightning speed.
Touch-screen technology has become wildly popular, thanks to smart phones designed for nimble fingers.
Entanglement is the strange quantum phenomenon in which objects become so closely linked that they share the same existence.
But, if he does, his experiment won't be in the interest of curing a disease or become a human machine.
It turns out that when people start tweeting, their number of friends increases until they become overwhelmed.
Even with that fundamental flaw, cell phones have become the ubiquitous device.
Treating a failing heart by zapping it with a painful, powerful electrical shock has become the standard procedure.
In an amazingly short time, software has become critical to almost every aspect of modern life.
Salmon tartare-eye-catching, fun, hip and tasty-has become a popular menu item in many top restaurants.
The skin had become smoked crackling, while the surface of the roast absorbed the garlic-and-herb mixture.
In effect, the buildings will become photosynthetic and make either oxygen or energy, or both.
The warning signs become more ominous as a patient's symptoms come and go.
People exposed to a stereotype become so worried about conforming to them that they end up doing so.
As the brains of athletes become more efficient, they learn how to make sense of a new situation sooner.
No scientist before or since has so completely transcended the role of expert to become a universal emblem of reason.
Genes that make successful variations possible will become more common, while the unsuccessful genes will become less common.
Cancer cells become deadly when they proliferate uncontrollably and overwhelm their healthy neighbors.
New ocular implants are already illuminating colors and shapes, and promise to become far better.
On land, old drive lanes would be quickly disrupted and become unrecognizable.
Now insects may become the next food frontier for space cuisine.
When a heart starts to fail, the rings become muddled, resembling those of panicking jellyfish.
As a result of the diminished food supply, local penguins have become less successful at raising chicks.
As the new millennium set in, even the clatter that by then had become a joke began to fade.
War has become the great profession of the twentieth century.
The target of protest has become broader and the grounds of complaint deeper.
Other people have become disembodied voices, speaking out of nowhere, going into nowhere.
Translators, more than anyone else, tend to become weary of the subject of translation.
The more divided a society becomes in terms of wealth, the more reluctant the wealthy become to spend money on common needs.
C able television has lately become the domain of critic-approved, semi-highbrow entertainment.
But then you become adults, and the way you were as kids doesn't make any sense.
It has become one of my favorite vacation destinations.
Flirtation has become a lost art, swept aside by the giddy pace of modern life.
The garage, with its vast and open knife-edged floor plates and soaring wedge-shaped buttresses, has become an instant icon.
Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away.
Whether you're a college freshman or mid-career professional, you can become a teacher.
Students who want to become chemists or materials scientists tend to enjoy science and math in school.
The decision to become a foster parent is an important one.
Applicants can become listed as one type or as both types.
Nurses can become head nurses or directors of nursing.
Permanency may also occur when children become members of new families through adoption.
If you apply to become an egg donor you may have several medical visits before you are accepted.

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