beckoning in a sentence

Example sentences for beckoning

Her cephalothorax lowers, he dances with the rising sun as if beckoning the light to share in this moment.
Despite their vulgar display, their beckoning rainbow of color, they are barren.
The eye-catching motels, with their beckoning neon signs, are a stylistic extension of the boardwalk.
Follow the arc of that horseshoe and the cliffs peer over you all the way, forbidding and beckoning at once.
He would have been running or beckoning me back if these guys were anything but gentle.
To your amazement, they jump out and lie across the potholes, beckoning you to drive your car over them.
The banner floating in the morning breeze was the beckoning gesture of his country.
Summer's here, school's out and nature is beckoning.
They are beckoning the working poor and courting the thousands of single mothers abandoning the welfare rolls.
Our friend went into the police station nearby to ask for directions, and soon was beckoning to us.
Nature's rhythms and grandeur are on display, beckoning people seeking refuge from a busy world.
The beckoning of millions of diamonds moving across the heavens reminds one that daylight soon approaches.
The beckoning perfume of plum blossoms gradually builds to an olfactory crescendo as the sun warms the season.
When ripe and ready to eat, the pear has a honeyed flavor and beckoning perfume that bewitch your senses.
The city is growing, and the old sense of the center is being eroded, with new shopping centers beckoning outside.
Leisurely view the many vistas of natural beauty beckoning at each turn.
Yet there is another excitement of discovery beckoning in his investigations.
At this juncture a mounted officer was seen circling in our rear, waving his hat and beckoning for us to retire.
New political and moral obligations cried out for attention, beckoning students to make the university more relevant to society.
The years ahead are beckoning with opportunities as yet undreamed.

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