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Example sentences for beckon

Now that the fall semester is upon us, however, more serious pursuits beckon.
If another large bank became vulnerable, more rescues would beckon.
Suddenly, he awakes in his father's shop, surrounded by books that beckon to him endlessly.
Their dark portals beckon with the promise of a glimpse into a lost world.
Even as you approach them, plates and vases beckon from little shops and stalls.
The ground-floor space facing the future park doesn't beckon neighbors with shops or a cafe.
But any new leadership would be unstable, and early elections may beckon.
Unfortunately bulldozers often come before brains when quick profits beckon.
They beckon to me with their treasure-hunt shimmer, their ecological tie to recycling.
In the meantime, other ways of using cars as media platforms are beginning to beckon.
From the opposite bank, garish lights of a moored riverboat casino sparkle and beckon.
In these godforsaken places such pleasures beckon me, exciting my memory for days on end.
It can hide or reveal, warn or beckon, broadcast widely or target a select few.
One night, while she was dancing to the music that only she could hear through her earphones, she seemed to beckon to him.
There is a glorious open-air lobby to beckon the public inside.
We must follow it not only when it is convenient, but when fear and danger beckon in a different direction.
But if you want to settle down with a partner, the suburbs and the heartland beckon.
But if the details can be worked out, enormous benefits beckon.
Kielbasa has a beckon about it, a way of drawing you in.
With the recession thinning the ranks of hosts and guests, the urge to beckon and the desire to be included are ramping up.
The rebellion had a romantic character that seemed to beckon the historian as it has the romancer.
Though the mountains may beckon, you don't have to head all the way to the high country to escape the summer heat.
The sound of trumpets resounds in the air and a green field and blue sky beckon.
Plenty of spots within an hour or so of the city limits beckon those with a bit of extra time and curiosity.
Visitors are welcome to enter the aviary with a handful of food to beckon the lorikeet and the kookaburra.
Wi-Fi is available in the recreation room and a variety of outdoor activities beckon, including a boat launch and fishing pier.
Rock formations beckon you to climb to reach the peaks.
Recently updated rooms and suites, colorful decor and a heated courtyard pool beckon.
The establishments beckon the visitor upon returning from the mountains into modern civilization.
Trails beckon as light filters through branches overhead and falls on paths that hold the promise of new frontiers.
School is out, the weather is warm and now is the time when so many in our community beckon for police attention.

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