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Some traditional childhood games are disappearing from school playgrounds because educators say they're dangerous.
She is visiting the doctor because of several symptoms.
Blogging is no longer what it was, because it has entered the mainstream.
Biff won that fight simply because there was no fight.
Part of why diets fail is because diet food is often not very satisfying.
Because this is exactly the kind of move that is getting people so upset with you.
If it has not, that may be partly because it insisted that the recession was imported from the outside world.
Global warming has kindled the debate further because it has created both hotter and drier conditions in many places.
That's because information is not the scarce resource.
Because they have grown rich, they'll have the means to keep it.
But that does not matter in the short term, because holographic storage is well suited to making archives.
It is not because the companies that operate them lack imagination.
Not because his views would be unmitigatedly beneficial to the party or the country.
Because the old and the poor get special breaks and these aren't fair because they are government intrusions.
Because fertility is falling, there are relatively few children.
Because of high mortality earlier, there are relatively few grandparents.
Disappointing because it reinforces the notion that scientists are socially inept and unconsciously repressed types.
Demand will also rise because many more people will have higher incomes, which means they will eat more, especially meat.
Because primary and secondary failures are frequent.
Because without the infinites, things in reality couldnt take shape.
The press about these individuals' lives continues because people are obviously tuning in.
Because nobody wants to admit that our lifestyle of the past decades has seriously damaged so much.
The town is not going to be moved because of the more accurate readings.
The owner of the teenage hangout finally had to unplug the jukebox because it got to be too much for some people.
The planet's fourth-smallest nation, they say, faces extinction because of climate change.
Because burrowing owls are active during the day, they are a highly visible species.
Most years, because of their brief duration, moonlight or cloudy conditions obscure the show.
Roads are unlittered partly because there's nothing to litter.
Grab any opportunity to see the brothers' work you can, because not much of it is available.
The genre became so popular in part because it was so adaptable, because it could address the central issues facing the nation.
And tasty viceroy butterflies are safe from birds because they resemble monarchs, which are unpalatable.
She was insulted by the story, she says, because she is smart and committed and she doesn't believe vaccines are safe.
Wolves are legendary because of their spine-tingling howl, which they use to communicate.
Some people consider hedgehogs useful pets because they prey on many common garden pests.
Chromatophores change because they get a message from the brain.
Then there are people who can't sleep because of depression, and people who are depressed because they can't sleep.
Because the oil from the spill is toxic, not all cleaned birds will survive.
Most leopards are light colored with distinctive dark spots that are called rosettes, because they resemble the shape of a rose.
The disease is particularly mysterious because other than gout the birds look fine.
The maggots perform well because they are doing what comes naturally, experts say.
The main reason gold is valuable is because it is appreciated around the world.
The independent suspension is a boon on paved roads, though, because it provides a smoother ride and better handling and steering.
And he likes it because it flowers much of the year and his clients appreciate its showiness.
And, because they're tall, for counterbalance they especially need vertical plants.
Because they produce litter sparingly, they are especially good around pools, she adds.
But take a second glance, because these dishes have many virtues.
Because the legs are long, you can flex them slightly to get everything to line up.
These fish are great choices from a sustainability point of view because they eat mostly grain, not other fish.
Busy people manage their time well because it is valuable.
The problem is with the faculty because their priorities are elsewhere.
Mothers and fathers loved their ugly or unintelligent kids because they were unaware that their kids were ugly and unintelligent.
Because if a student does the work themselves, as they know they are supposed to, they do get a fantastic education.
In large part, this was because the financial sector was corrupting the political system.
Because, deep down, fans don't want to be uncomfortable.
The campaign is unwise because it seeks to punish and stigmatize those with whom the protesters disagree.
If he seems sometimes to obscure a fact, it is only because he is restoring an experience.
The impression made is so vivid because the story which conveys it is not too long for one idea, and one only, to fill it.
Seventy per cent of patients suffering from glaucoma risk blindness because they don't use their eyedrops regularly.
Perhaps the stage theory of grief caught on so quickly because it made loss sound controllable.
Sally packed devilled eggs-something she usually hated to take on a picnic, because they were so messy.
In part, this is because it's the job of traders to trade.
They don't try to teach you, because they think you won't be able to pick up the information they're giving you.
He nixed the idea of an internal fan, because he thought it was noisy and clumsy.
Those not killed for their meat or hides or oil got a bullet on general principles, because they competed with humans for fish.
None of this was much of a revelation, but it sounded serious because it took an hour and a half to get through.
All segregation statutes are unjust because segregation distorts the soul and damages the personality.
One in four families report choosing less healthy foods often or always because of price.
We also don't know her questionnaire because she didn't include it, even in an appendix.
The price of gold looks as if it used to be stable, because the dollar was fixed relative to an ounce of gold.
Pharma studies can't be trusted because they have a profit motive.
The paper was pathetically easy to write-not despite the dearth of information but because of it.
It appears to have faltered, perhaps because there is so much free content at other video sites.
Stars don't come in all colors, but they come in enough colors, and they're fantastically beautiful because of it.
The pattern is called a quasicrystal because it has an ordered structure, but the structure never repeats exactly.
The search for answers is difficult because the evidence is so conflicting.
Because there's no money in it because there's no need for it.
Let me repeat that: children have died because they haven't been vaccinated.
It's not available because if you try it, you will die.
Science has the right to claim epistemological authority because it works and nothing else does.
It was thought to be safer than other stimulant drugs, because scientists believed it did not affect the brain's dopamine system.
The common wisdom is that your fingers wrinkle when they're wet because they absorb water.
In the sciences the situation was different because failing was a much more clear and present option.
Loathe because it creates an infinite caveat for lazy authors and screenwriters.
And in those cases, it was more obvious because the children were of different ethnic backgrounds.
Because he was busy at the time, he never got back to me on that one.
That's because capellini absorbs more water as it cooks and bulks up more than the same weight of spaghetti.
Yet some garnishing tricks have stood the test of time because they are in good taste.
He does not serve these or similar combinations, not because he has been told, but because he knows.
And please, eat it with close friends, because this stuff is the culinary equivalent of mud wrestling.
Running a close second, though only because it requires a short turn at the stove, is lettuce and lovage soup.
Because the fruit spoils quickly, the families scaled back their gifting over time to a sole apple.
When that happens, we're all better chefs because of it.
And it works, because salty and sweet have always had a thing for each other.
Good art exists because of what you can't do, not because of what you can do.
Librarians have purged their shelves of newspapers, he argues, because they are driven by a misguided obsession with saving space.
It is an intriguing question, but it is unanswerable because the puzzle is imaginary.
Some complex phenomena are studied by scientists because the phenomena themselves are interesting.
We stand by as millions die each year because they are too poor to stay alive.
It is a sustainable model because it trains the local people in how to care for and support the children.
It is a dyspeptic critique of the humanitarian movement at every level, and has won attention partly because of that view.
He won because he reacted to the crisis in a measured, mature way.
Because every case is different, there is no way to predict how long the process will take for you.
Cloud hardware could get cheaper because of the social network's self-interested altruism.
The membranes used in reverse osmosis are unsuitable for this process because they work best at high pressures.
That's because the beams move too fast to be captured on film.
So search data works because traditional data are not available.
Investors are reluctant to provide capital for battery plants because the markets are still relatively small.
Timing plays a huge role in our choices, because technology markets change quickly.
But because studies on primates take much longer, the benefits had not yet been demonstrated to extend to them.
That's because it takes time to collect good information about an individual's behavior patterns.
Time cloaking is possible because of a kind of duality between space and time in electromagnetic theory.
Elderly brain cells are particularly vulnerable because they have a diminished ability to get rid of excess calcium.
Both approaches, however, suffer from low efficiencies because of the way the panels are connected.
They are chosen because they are transforming technology.

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