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For a lot of physicists, the beauty of an equation seems to be a good hint that it's probably true.
Beauty must be a good in its own right, even a metaphysical principle.
Africa, with its diversity and beauty, is a paradise for photographers.
Her beauty was so remarkable that it sometimes seemed to overshadow her considerable acting talent.
Some women in need of a transformation head to the local beauty salon.
It's an exotic beauty unlike anything I've seen.
One thing for sure, beauty is not going to reveal itself unless one chases after it.
From the countless stars above to the staggering diversity of desert flora and fauna, beauty is everywhere.
Art is clearly an expression of our aesthetic response to beauty.
Just before their first dance steps, the audience basked in their beauty.
But though ugliness be the opposite to beauty, it is not the opposite to proportion and fitness.
But the beauty of his verse seems, in this case, to come less from intuitive discovery than from long brooding.
Being eco-conscious doesn't have to mean giving up beauty.
Channel the spare beauty of fall with striking arrangements for your holiday table.
The brain looks for more than beauty when evaluating snapshots.
Science only adds to our appreciation for poetic beauty and experiences of emotional depth.
There is ambiguity in the process of perception about beauty.
Your cell phone could be your link to personally tailored beauty products.
For sheer, high-detailed beauty, nothing beats an up-close view.
For some the wolf is iconic of nature's beauty and allure of the wild.
In fact, the beauty of the scientific method is that it actively invites people to challenge results.
Often literally: in places of natural beauty chosen for their capacity to inspire.
His means toward that end, however, have lacked any of the masterpiece's grace and beauty.
The beauty of strategic collaboration is that it helps colleges and universities with little to no additional resources.
The authors have a right to extol the beauty of fat.
Scrivener is more than a mere word processor, though, and that's the beauty and wonder of the program.
The natural beauty of the gardens often make these facilities popular for weddings.
The area is known for great natural beauty and is a favorite of tourists in both the summer and winter seasons.
But they inhabit a wildly varied landscape of surreal beauty.
Few tests of olfactory senses are as intense as those in the beauty and fragrance departments of large stores.
Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, regardless of the other senses.
Amid all these cultural attractions, it's possible to overlook the extraordinary natural beauty here.
The show drew huge crowds and praise for the humanity and formal beauty of her work.
Visitors notice all this beauty and politeness and history.
Granite-gray mountain peaks glower at travelers, who gape in helpless awe at the land's stone-cold beauty.
Today, gold is in demand for more than its shimmering beauty.
To enter, send us an original photograph shot by you, of you or someone you know experiencing the beauty of nature.
The brown-backed, speckle-breasted, eight-inch wood thrush only looks drab-all of his beauty is concentrated in his voice.
Her writing experience varies from technical writing to hair and beauty, alternative medicine and eco-friendly living.
What appealed to me was the stillness of the water and its pristine untouched beauty.
Organic skin care is increasing in popularity due to concern about potentially harmful ingredients in commercial beauty products.
In the presence of such beauty and strangeness, people cast around for familiar metaphors.
The beauty of using a wok for frying is that it conducts heat well but doesn't retain it.
But smooth frosting and a scattering of flower petals are sure to make it a thing of beauty.
The beauty of this approach is that it changes the problem from a mathematical challenge to an artistic one.
The beauty of the idea is that the whole platform tailored around education, around the school-kids needs.
The beauty of today's search engines is their simplicity.
There is beauty and logic in this progression: first you inhale, then you exhale.
The beauty of this approach is that it has the potential to be dissipation-free.
Many owners thanked me for giving them the resources to keep their beauty going.
But it has no sensation of beauty or color or fragrance.
Sometimes the strangeness and beauty of nature come together in a scene so lovely, so surreal, that words fail.
It comes as no surprise, for example, to learn that she placed third in a county beauty pageant a few years ago.
The beauty of it was overwhelming, and everything they say about it is true.
She was a walnut-eyed, square-jawed beauty who favored polished red fingernails and toenails.
Paleontologists have found their sleeping beauty: the first dinosaur fossil discovered in a birdlike sleeping pose.
They can be stunningly beautiful, and for me that beauty is amplified by understanding.
Nature, if seen, would be truth and beauty revealed.
But the flares don't have to be so powerful to generate ethereal, magnificent beauty.
We unreflectively suppose that truth no less than beauty is conveyed more effectively thereby.
The land is forbidding as well as legendary for its wild beauty.
The writer is someone for whom language is problematic, who experiences its depth, not its usefulness or its beauty.
She bought a couple of items whose elusive beauty eluded everyone but herself.
Kristen, who is nineteen, was not a regular on the beauty-pageant circuit.
It would be easy to say that she was a conventional beauty, but that would be a poor description-too broad and too vague.
In their seriousness and their ambition, the children have a moving beauty.
The museum considers personal style, fashion, and ideals of beauty as seen.
But his subsequent monsters were strikingly original, combining menace with painterly beauty.
Mail subscriptions to sample boxes are boosting the beauty industry.
Beauty pageants haven't exactly been agents of change.
Eva will begin to appear in worldwide ads this month, lending her flawless face to the beauty world through another dimension.
For the first time, someone is bringing back its beauty.
The story of a city in decline and the beauty that persevered.
He focused on creating things of simplicity and beauty matched by an underlying power and utility.
Nervous and edgy, the records are long on intensity but short on beauty.
He preferred the beauty of insight to the brawn of proof.
The production of beauty was placed in the service of consumerism and anti-communism.
Under the spell of her tears and her beauty, a jury acquitted her.

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