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Butterflied chicken marinated in lemon and herbs browns beautifully under the weight of bricks.
Most lavenders dry beautifully for bouquets and attract bees and butterflies.
Small sedums and succulents from sixpacks contrast beautifully in this textured terra-cotta bowl.
The restaurant is a can't-miss and the small spa beautifully redone.
Red yucca is left alone as well and is blooms beautifully if it will grow where you are.
Each of her posts is beautifully written and illustrated with fine photography, so it's easy to get lost in them.
Antiquities, which have been beautifully called history defaced, composed its fullest commentary.
It was beautifully clean inside, and as tidy as possible.
Although his world is tainted with corruption, it is beautifully contrived.
Overblown verbs, explosive nouns, beautifully bungled prepositions.
They work beautifully when people can't find any way to end a bad conversation.
And while they are fiercely independent, they will perform beautifully if they see a point to it.
They put out beautifully illustrated books with great stories, often from different cultures.
The results of this study matched the predictions beautifully.
It is beautifully decorated with color illustrations of real and mythical animals, peoples, and cities.
Sad story, beautifully told, describing a problem that's only gotten more common and more pressing in the last few years.
Also wanted to note that your post is beautifully illustrated, as always.
It is a beautifully-produced volume that is among the best summaries of dinosaur science presently available.
The precious textures of life are symbolized beautifully in this emotive image.
There are acres of untracked powder for dare devils and beautifully groomed runs for the less adventurous.
There is also visible evidence in trade cards, beautifully illustrated pieces of paper that were the business cards of their day.
The horses are beneficial to the range in every respect and fit beautifully into the ecosystem.
Lee's beautifully riveting performance has been captured on film and is making the rounds around the nation.
Beautifully written article which shows respect for the people and animals involved.
Some cars are so beautifully designed and exquisitely engineered that they transcend mere transportation to become works of art.
The browser works beautifully on the larger display.
The sun was beginning to set and the clouds were lit up beautifully.
The first thing that drew me to this book was the beautifully illustrated cover.
Here are two boys wrestling down at the bottom of the frame, beautifully composed.
The colors of these bracelets coordinate beautifully together or can be worn singly.
The deep green of the wild mosses growing along the bank contrast beautifully with the transparent water.
Often, the music is not clearly one time signature or the other but rather a beautifully ambiguous combination of the two.
The elegant rooms are beautifully decorated with old-style furniture and sumptuous fabrics.
Then a dragon comes along that is so beautifully crafted that everybody stares.
He wrote about art beautifully, evoking the wit or malice of the people and mythological beasts portrayed.
Most of these small gardens are beautifully kept and the garden gnome has pride of place.
His comment illustrates beautifully what, to my mind, was the main sticking point in the debate.
He begins each chapter with a beautifully curated history of the idea he is exploring.
In the online world, government is competing for users' time and attention with beautifully designed sites that are fun to use.
These are beautifully decorated, with white marble lattice and marble mosaics studded with green jade, lapis lazuli and agate.
It is beautifully landscaped with unique plants from around the world.
Think bright colors, which pop beautifully when you're near the ocean.
Cauliflower pickles beautifully, its snowy white color as crisp as its taste.
Parsnips were in season, and their earthiness paired beautifully with this vinegar.
Every course thereafter was breaded, and deep-fried, but so lightly and beautifully that nothing tasted greasy or dense.
But her sense of humor remains beautifully in tune to this day.
Any fresh blueberries work beautifully in this muffin.
The oar sounds and the tide's sounds went beautifully together.
And that image of a wall of pumpkins-there's something beautifully bizarre and fantastical about it.
Her beautifully made-up face rarely cracked a smile, and when it did, looked tight and strained.
But once on my skin, this initial layer after cleansing absorbed beautifully.
Negative space was fully, and beautifully, utilized.
He was leafing beautifully through these great heavy pages.
Sallie could memorize anything and read beautifully by the time she was six years old.
If her beautifully clumsy poetry doesn't make you smile even a little bit, you're taking life way too seriously.
The fat melts, and steam from the liquid in the dough forms and puffs the layers apart beautifully.
There is a balance between the human drama and the world around it, and that interchange is so beautifully done.
Though she is unconvincing with political material, she does relationship humor beautifully, and banters with the best of them.
But it can also beautifully display pictures of her grandchildren to show her friends.
And two major episodes, one of them under-represented and one of them described beautifully, repay more-intense scrutiny.
The reforms always sound wonderful, and the benefits always unfold in a beautifully logical way.
The kindling-wood burned beautifully, but when its flames expired there was not a sign of fire on the side of the ship.
They are beautifully and inventively shot on location around the world, pushing the aesthetics of daring to a new level.
Everything here is cooked carefully, seasoned precisely, and presented beautifully.
They work together beautifully because they follow the same laws.
There is something almost beautifully crafty about the common cold.
We had a six-foot-eight guy in there, and he fit beautifully.
It's actually handsome, beautifully lit, easy on the eyes.
The cookbook is attractively bound and beautifully printed.
The kids themselves were quiet and focussed, and they played beautifully.
This, despite the unforgettable photographs, with their beautifully informal presence.
She writes beautifully about what is ugly and truthfully about what is false.
There have been some wonderful films with beautifully done battles and gore and all that.
While doing so you prowl through some gloriously detailed, beautifully gloomy factories and labs and shattered cityscapes.
It beautifully illustrates the transition between small predatory dinosaurs and their bird descendants.
He was able to sing, to play the piano, to conduct an orchestra or conduct a choir beautifully.
From the rubble he extricated a beautifully crafted, fossilized bone harpoon point.
On the plus side, her spacecraft was performing beautifully.
All of these findings mesh beautifully with the notion that cultural and demographic shifts sparked our transformation.
Patients with damage in this area can't name what they're looking at, but they can often paint it beautifully.
They began with a beautifully structured network called a ring graph.
Through genetic thievery, it has become a solar-powered animal and a beautifully green one at that.
Clear, beautifully written, and completely absorbing.
She found that as a dolphin burned more oxygen, its heart rate always increased in a beautifully linear way.
As for the film itself, there's something in the emotion and excitement in it that captures the moment so beautifully.
The fossils have spent half a billion years underground, but three of them are still beautifully preserved.
Magpies sing beautifully, are extremely brave and will eat from your hand.
It beautifully synthesizes the conceptual basis of evolutionary theory with the empirical evidence that evolution has occurred.
And round my way the past couple of nights have been pretty cloudless and the stars beautifully clear.
The skull is beautifully adapted to capture large, powerful prey.
What is certain is that the concerned scientific community and supporting public have their act beautifully together.
The logic is beautifully consistent, even if flawed.
The former would explain why the spiral is so beautifully symmetric.
Usually, though this time you beautifully demonstrated how biased you really are.
Nevertheless his skill in depicting the mood of a place is here beautifully revealed.
The outdoor gazebo is a favorite wedding spot, and is beautifully landscaped during the summer months.
The unpainted, natural wood has a smooth and beautifully grained surface.
The surrounding grounds are beautifully landscaped with fruit trees and rose gardens.

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