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The more the hail beats, and the more the rains fall.
In flying they usually gave a dozen rapid wing-beats, and then sailed for a few seconds.
But starting with mouse embryonic stem cells, researchers have succeeded in creating heart muscle that actually beats.
For sheer, high-detailed beauty, nothing beats an up-close view.
Park rangers, game wardens and wildlife researchers either fled their wooded beats or were removed at gunpoint.
The moth's wing beats rattled its antennae, which in turn resisted any motion of the insect's head.
When the heart beats, the outflow of blood pushes the ball forward and the blood can flow around the ball.
And remember, nothing beats seeking out local restaurants when you're on the road, to soak up some of the local culture.
Slow boring stuff for when they are tired to exciting guitars and kick it beats when they are hyper.
At any rate, we've had several other people borrow it and it worked for them as well it certainly beats getting drugged up.
Concrete information beats hand-waving speculation any day.
The gull beats its wings rapidly, accelerating away from the others as they scrap in confusion.
Nothing beats the experience of watching movies in a real movie theater.
As space food goes, it beats freeze-dried ice cream.
Nothing beats the flavor of a ripe, homegrown tomato-it's the pure essence of summer.
Rain really beats down pansy flowers, but violas bounce back quickly.
For some that beats waiting two months for the full amount.
At a global level, the answer is surely that boldness beats timidity.
Nothing beats leaping off a rock ledge for a cool swim on a hot day-except maybe doing so for a living.
For example, when the sun beats down on the ocean, water evaporates.
Explore the world's vibrant cultures through lyrics and beats.
Start early in the morning, before the cruise ships show up and the sun beats down.
To push blood, an average heart beats a hundred thousand times a day.
Sure beats the three to four hours required by a rechargeable.
Nothing beats having a friend over, blasting away co-op style.
Their facial expressions seem to lag a few beats behind their words.
No one likes someone who beats people over the head with their credentials, especially when those credentials are paltry.
It sure beats sitting back and whining about being poor.
Nothing beats the flavor of a perfectly seared steak.
These spiral generators scavenge power when the beetle beats its wings.
Beats tend to drag, and synthesizers wander around the vocals, which are sometimes mixed beneath a sprawl of noise.
His club beats and repeated melodic themes will insure an evening-long dance party.
For advertisers, though, flimsy data beats no data at all.
On the other hand, for instantaneous delivery, nothing beats streaming video.
The general story is that the longer the period in between beats, the worse their estimate becomes of when it will happen.
His father gets him drunk, then beats him and runs off with the car.
When he wears his white clothes, and his skin's white as a sheet-the guy doesn't tan-that's how he beats people.
When it comes to secure messaging, nothing beats quantum cryptography, a method that offers perfect security.
When it comes to producing heat, nothing beats fossil fuel other than nuclear power.
The irony is so crude as to be somehow appropriate: kitsch beats kitsch.
It relentlessly beats the viewer into submission over the course of two and a half hours.
Usually these ventures are short-lived: the rhymes disserve the beats.
There's no inflection, no way to let an audience know the beats of a joke.
Beats me, but this serial about connected strangers still has dramatic muscle.
Different colors represent different instruments' melodic riffs or percussion beats, and the stylus can change tempo.
In the quadruple there is a rest on one or the other of the middle beats.
Sure, a homegrown tomato beats anything at the store, but you're also likely to lose a lot of your effort to pests and rot.
Consistently driving drum beats emphasize the power and might of the saintly main figure.
Many of the folks on similar beats at other papers were big fans of a large, expansive government.
If the dolphin is swimming, the action of the flukes beats the contrail into a wavy line.

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