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Plan a visit to a natural wonder near you or plot a course to a landmark that is off the beaten path.
Originally, the marshmallow plant's gummy root juices were combined with eggs and sugar and then beaten into a foamy paste.
She will take you to off-the-beaten-track places, for instance, a church decorated entirely with human skulls and crossbones.
As egg whites are beaten, they stretch and trap air bubbles.
Our advertised prices can often be beaten depending on your requirements and building type.
Family-friendly attractions are available near popular tourist areas and off-the-beaten-path destinations.
The renewable industry is getting beaten in the nasty department by fossil fuels.
Poachers and loggers have beaten and shot police, soldiers and park rangers.
Where outstanding students get teased or picked on or even beaten up.
But get off the beaten path and you are often limited to struggling.
Trails that used to be beaten down with tracks from herds of elk did not have a single track on them.
Whatever curious drive any one student might have entering school, it is pretty much beaten out of you by the time you graduate.
Fold gelatin mixture into stiffly beaten egg whites.
The authorities said pledges were also beaten with sticks and paddles.
It is rather off the beaten track and there are few people there, especially in the morning.
Ideally, this space would be a relatively quiet spot off the beaten path, away from the faculty refrigerator or coffee maker.
They've been transacted out of business, or they've been beaten by entrepreneurs.
Those in power have all the advantage, but they can be beaten.
Mix dry ingredients, add eggs slightly beaten, and pour on gradually scalded milk.
Cool mixture, and cut and fold in whites of eggs beaten until stiff and dry.
To two cups hot riced potatoes add two tablespoons butter, one-half teaspoon salt, and yolks of three eggs slightly beaten.
Cook in double boiler five minutes, and add yolks of eggs, beaten until thick and lemon-colored.
The prefect grew furious at his constancy, and at length commanded his head to be beaten to pieces.
Strain, and add gradually to yolk of egg slightly beaten.
Cut and fold in whites of eggs beaten until stiff and dry.
To one cup pulp add one well-beaten egg, one-fourth cup flour, and season highly with salt and pepper.
Cream the butter, add sugar gradually, and eggs well beaten.
Garnish with heavy cream beaten until stiff, sweetened, and flavored.
Add seasonings and wine, cook one minute, then add cream and yolks of eggs slightly beaten.
Dip in egg slightly beaten and diluted with one tablespoon water.
As soon as dressing begins to thicken, add one-half cup heavy cream beaten until stiff, then fold in the fish.
If stuffing is to be served cold, add one beaten egg.
Cream the butter, add sugar gradually, and egg well beaten.
Add one cup chopped cooked chicken, and stir until the mixture begins to thicken, then add one cup cream beaten until thick.
Brush over with white of egg slightly beaten, diluted with one teaspoon water, then sprinkle with sugar.
Opposition parties went through the motions of campaigning and were soundly beaten.
Rather, it venerates the communist functionaries who were beaten, lynched and set on fire when the rebels captured the building.
The attackers were beaten back, and reportedly also took heavy casualties.
It will be no comfort to beaten-up bankers that their plight has spawned a mini-boom in publishing.
Today's dissidents tend simply to be beaten up, shot, poisoned or blown up.
Several claim to have been beaten by goons hired by local officials.
Some fund managers have beaten the markets over long periods.
In custody, he was beaten up by the chief of police.
Some reports said monks were also beaten and arrested.
Beaten up and questioned for four days, she revealed nothing.
Houses and crops have been burned, peasants beaten and no provision made to provide the evicted with new housing.
Dredge prawns first in flour, then in beaten eggs, and finally coat in panko mixture.
Mold into ovals, flatten, and dip first in flour and then into the beaten eggs.
We're told about the fearless tribesmen and decide to travel off the beaten path to see them for ourselves.
These new safari destinations are truly off the beaten track.
Leave the beaten track occasionally and dive into the woods.
There's a fine line between off the beaten path and out of control.
Built to withstand machine-gun and mortar attacks, it is beaten down now by more determined foes: age and weather.
It's even more mysterious to foreigners, who rarely venture this far off the beaten path.
The bark is beaten into a pulp and rolled by hand to form paper.
There are selfish reasons for this-you don't want to be beaten up or thrown in jail.
Brush the pleated pastry with the beaten egg, then sprinkle evenly with the sanding sugar.
Several have played games of checkers with human opponents and have sometimes beaten them.
Then the cold pulp is again beaten or worked in a food processor, with about another cup of water.
Work in a third of the beaten whites to lighten the paste, and then fold in the remaining whites as delicately as possible.
If he means able to solve tiny demonstration problems, he's been beaten by loads of people.
Off the beaten track, maybe, but definitely worth it for being permanently cleansed of the sin of envy.
Some of those soldiers have shot and beaten the protesters.
He was badly beaten and then dragged down to a windowless coal cellar, where he waited for days, expecting to be shot.
If you're beaten on, crouch and put your hands over the back of your head.
He has a history of scooping up discredited, beaten-down businesses.
The word has been beaten to a pulp and is in intensive care.
Despite the injuries he had already suffered, upon capture he was promptly bayoneted in the ankle and then beaten senseless.
They had been beaten on the soles of their feet and on their buttocks.
There were two with strikingly similar features: both adults, both weather-beaten, both golden.
Seed beetles can get pretty beaten up, and fruit flies can even get sick from it.
Consider that many of the bad mortgage backed securities have already been beaten down in value by the market.
If no ace comes up on the board, you're likely beaten.
Being beaten by a mathematician would be much easier to rationalize.
Corporal punishment is severe: the coward or deserter is tied to a tree and beaten by his age-mates.
We, the people, have been beaten into submission and have been promised that our government will take care of everything.
Perhaps they even had a consensus of opinion amongst experts that malaria was beaten.
Put remaining beaten egg in a food processor with cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla and purée until smooth.
The grocery is in a weather-beaten building, the only retail business on what some might call the wrong side of the tracks.
Each butter egg was rolled in flour, in beaten egg, and in fine while bread crumbs.
When confronted by the witness, the suspect admitted that he had beaten the dog after it ate his lunch.
If they make the smallest mistake, they might be beaten.
He had been beaten-there is a large bruise under his right eye and his wide-eyed stare is unrecognizable.
One challenge to academic freedom and open public debate has been beaten back.
As he staggered out of the vehicle, he was beaten and thrown onto the bed of a police pick-up truck and driven away.
There will never be reconciliation with them-they must be beaten back.
On one occasion she tried to escape: this time she was beaten mercilessly.
He's been shot out of the sky and held captive, hung from ropes by his two broken arms and beaten senseless.
He was captured, beaten and shocked with an electric baton.
They were bundled out of their homes and those who resisted were beaten with clubs and iron bars.
In the bathroom, candles bob in an exquisite beaten-copper and wrought-iron bathtub.
She's all but gone from top advertising campaigns, beaten out by anonymous, awkward-looking teenagers.

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