bearish in a sentence

Example sentences for bearish

It follows by presenting a contrasting view by another hedge fund manager who is bearish.
Speeches and public counsel alone would have been jeered at as the bearish wailing of sold-out bulls.
The election's over, winter's nearly upon us, and the economy is bearish.
It's no news that by summer the economy had turned bearish-polar-bearish-with many clothing companies reporting dips and slides.
More advisers are more bearish than at any time during the bear market, and the number of bears is near an all-time high.
One says the market turns bearish the second year after a presidential election.
They were bearish going into the credit crunch and turned bullish over a year ago.
But some strategists say that this bearish moment is the best time to enter the market.
By itself, this isn't a reason to be immediately bearish.
At first sight capital markets might seem a pretty dubious proposition to rely upon, especially in today's bearish climate.
The consensus, which was too bearish a few months ago, may be swinging too far in the opposite direction.
Smart investors preferred to make bearish bets via more bespoke instruments.
Fund managers who turn bearish too early can lose their jobs or their clients.
Some stocks are downright bearish as market struggles.
Rank and file traders who were bullish and long have turned bearish.
The market seems to treat any news, whether good or bad, as bearish.
Instead, the market experienced a bearish steepening.
Inventories dropped significantly from average levels in order to minimize potential losses from bearish wheat prices.
Beans continue to be a follower to corn as much of the news floating through the marketplace is fairly bearish.
The bearish trend in world yarn and textile prices is also negatively affecting consumption.
Essentially, a butterfly spread creates two spreads, one bullish and one bearish.
If decliners dominate for a period of time, the market may also be described as bearish.
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