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Example sentences for bearings

When faced with such facts, one reaches for bearings, for ways to steady oneself.
The shaft had rusted, expanding in the process, and was tight in the nylon bushings that served as bearings.
His team's new design eliminates the need for anything rigid, such as bearings or gears.
The breakthrough idea was to grip the shaft from both sides, which made bearings redundant, he says.
The frame, wheels and cogs are birch, and the bearings are ironwood.
All this should give you pause long enough to take bearings.
When they entered the cave, they took a while to get their bearings.
For instance, capsules in the plating of ball bearings could be filled with mineral oils to make the bearings self-lubricating.
Anybody who thinks that the red carpet is the royal road to the unconscious has lost his bearings.
But e-zine readers wanted novelty as much as bearings.
It can take a few minutes to get your bearings with this chart, but trust me, it's worth it.
After a particularly intense practice, it can take a moment to regroup and get your social bearings.
During confusing times, swimming has helped me find my bearings.
We seek them out in the skyline, both to get our bearings and to anchor ourselves psychologically in the life of the city.
At the end, a rider must regain his bearings and steady the board for a smooth landing.
Study a map to get your bearings, then try to focus on your memory of it to find your way around.
She hid a token in one corner of the room, blindfolded the children and spun them around until they lost their bearings.
However, it's possible that some individuals lose the bearings on these monster treks.

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