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Cute little bearded gobies are immune to jelly stings and even have a taste for jellies, which make up a third of their diet.
The race is already on, with bearded dudes across the country vying for prizes.
And now began the real struggle in the soul of the brown-bearded minister.
Next morning they discover a bearded stranger there, asleep in the hay.
Farther on a bearded elder in pointy-toed yellow slippers guided a cart loaded with vegetables.
They may even write the odd cheque to support their wives' bearded friends.
Most did not recognise his balding, bearded face, despite its frequent appearances on television.
But the beating of the jovial bushy-bearded artist has outraged many.
There was a possum and a snake a bearded dragon and a bandicoot, and a frog.
Fat reserves from hunting ringed and bearded seals, and sometimes walruses, must carry bears through lean summers.
It is wildebeest calving season, and many of those giant bearded antelope have newborns trailing them.
Bearded seals and walruses, which feast on the sea's bottom-dwellers, are struggling with a reduced food source.
Adult bears consume a huge amount of seal blubber, primarily from ringed seals and bearded seals.
He is stocky and thickly bearded, with a gentle demeanor and immense knowledge.
But one fish, the bearded goby, is positively thriving in this inhospitable ecosystem.
Here, pink-skinned and white-bearded, he exuded an air of royal indulgence and hauteur.
There is something wincingly salacious about this bearded hippie and his schoolgirl mate.
Bearded seals are solitary creatures and can be seen resting on ice flows with their heads facing downward into the water.
Some types of respirators do not require a face seal and can usually be worn by bearded employees.
The bearded fireworm is a segmented worm that has short, white bristles on each segment.

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