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They liked the affordable starter homes, the suburban hush and the bearable.
It's not fun at the best of times, but especially not when you have no money to make the stranding more bearable.
But being able to feel a bit better-off than someone else makes it a bit more bearable.
But it's the bond they share as social creatures, which makes the struggle a little more bearable.
Not remotely as profitable for the climate-industrial complex, but bearable for us those of us who don't stand to profit.
That, he claimed, made the four-hour train ride bearable.
Listening to the pretty, catchy tunes makes doing laps around the small levels more bearable.
Jokey humor and hide-saving irony are bearable in small doses, but they tended to overwhelm these dances.
It is fairly cold, as people have been pointing out, but definitely bearable.
And though the rows were fierce, they were far more bearable than being out of the spotlight and unseen by others.
Improve them quickly so decisions are sound and life is bearable.
Took months for them to make it bearable it and many repeated emails and visits from the facilities folks.
Those were actually bearable after navigating the bewildering menus.
One of the only things that makes summer's end bearable is the knowledge that a whole new fall wardrobe awaits.
It was bearable while households appeared to be getting richer, thanks to inflating house and share prices.
His sweet and pure vision makes even the nastiest scenes bearable.
Refinancing makes negative equity more bearable but it does not reduce it.
Taking an active investigative stance to my own symptoms has made them sort of more bearable.
The plan will do nothing to stem the tide, but should make the high water more bearable.
The first is that the austerity programmes needed to cut deficits are killing the growth needed to make debt bearable.
With these as givens, it's easy to see that there is real merit to finding ways to make the system as bearable as one can.
That's for excitement etc, which makes the humdrum more bearable.
Using gas will make our life a little more bearable, before the savages take over and ensure extinction.
It has a far better chance of stabilizing areas from which trouble has long emanated, at a bearable cost, than the alternatives.
In winter the cold was intense, but a large, old-fashioned heater made it bearable.
We re-imagine the past to make it more coherent, meaningful, bearable.
Instead it is human nature that has invested these terrors of the flesh with worth to make existence bearable.
It started to fade after half a minute, and was bearable to the eye after a few minutes.
By the time you are ready to graduate from high school, you may find our company bearable again.
Have one on hand to make the temperature bearable until the furnace warms up the space.
The humidity is low, and so the relatively high temperatures are more bearable than areas of high humidity.
It's a challenging climb, but huge pine trees that offer shade and a cooling breeze keep the temperature bearable.
His calm, his beatific demeanor was the only thing that made this bearable.
And he wonders whether even the grottier places are bearable if approached in the right spirit.
Losses can be made more bearable, but there will always be losers.
So the immediate cost of servicing a standard repayment loan has become much more bearable.
In such conditions, especially during the winter, a little alcohol makes the experience more bearable.
When the public sector shrinks, the rest of the economy must grow in order to keep the overall result bearable for the population.
Only you can decide if living with the stained part is bearable.
Stress can pop up anywhere, but you can help make stressful situations more bearable.
Opioids can make the pain bearable, and don't affect your ability to push.
It was through the unceasing labors of the priesthood that the lives of leprosy victims were finally made more bearable.
Bad debt is a bearable nuisance but before you know it can multiply.

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