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Beans and sunflowers were started from seed, following package instructions.
Apparently, it makes a certain ubiquitous chain's burned beans taste less bitter.
She could spill the beans and let students know things were unstable, but she chose not too.
The table is dominated by an enormous bowl of jelly beans with a soup ladle inside.
The beans managed to be soft without getting all mushy, and they were seasoned enough to enliven the bland tortillas.
Pictures of green beans and carrots on cafeteria trays resulted in more kids eating more veggies.
If you want to guess how many jelly beans are in a jar, you should ask your friends.
From each point of the circle begin two beans of light.
Coffee beans are fresh when they come out of the roaster.
But one jumped off the page, screaming my name: red beans and rice.
With all the options available, it can be difficult to decide which beans to buy.
While single-origin beans provide pure notes of flavor, blends offer harmonies.
There may be too much coffee relative to water, known as overdosing, or the beans may have been over-roasted.
The absence of beans, he said, made him appreciate the ones that were there more acutely.
Tell them it's too damned serious over here to be talking about hot dogs and baked beans and things we're missing.
Decaf-coffee lovers, for instance, benefit from its ability to remove caffeine from coffee beans.
By now surely someone would have felt that the public deserves to know and would have spilled the beans.
Cocoa stocks are piling up in ports, increasing the chance of the beans decaying.
Some have started to spill the beans on their superiors.
Loyalty and discretion prevent her from spilling any of the many outrageous beans she could have scattered on her ducal floor.
The smell of fresh coffee beans is supposed to waft through brightly lit cafés fitted with tables and comfortable chairs.
The firm goes out of its way to buy high-quality coffee beans, and has invested in ways to make better coffee.
Let doctors be doctors and get accountants to count the beans.
He fumes on about the problems of the coffee industry, and what he calls a grievous oversupply of substandard beans.
And the pressure-cooker models are definitely appealing, since they allow you to make rice and beans in one shot.
Green beans cooked in pork stock, beets in a vinaigrette sauce.
Their flavor is reminiscent of summer's green beans but with a hint of acidity.
In a hurry, as usual, she added green beans and cranberry sauce.
Unroasted beans boast all of coffee's acids, protein, and caffeine-but none of its taste.
But the end product didn't amount to a hill of beans to many traders-they wanted the means of production.
By imposing a quota system, they can limit the outflow of beans from producing nations in times of oversupply.
Blind and hairless, joeys are no bigger than jelly beans.
Learn the origins of coffee drinking, how and where the beans are grown, and the science of caffeine.
Coffee beans are bought green and roasted on premises.
Shade-grown coffee beans can be purchased at many grocery stores.
Meanwhile, some established cafes around the city have made moves toward roasting their own beans.
Drain beans and transfer to pan of ice water to stop cooking.
Besides being great beans, these roasts also help coffee-growing communities thrive.
But these products aren't jelly beans or breakfast cereals.
Beans are cholesterol-free and nutrient-dense, including antioxidants from their pigmented skins, and are loaded with fiber.
The mildness of the cabbage helped undercut the beans' peppery kick.
Low in fat and high in protein, beans are the choice ingredient.
Truly, you don't know beans, lettuce or corn until you've experienced the heirloom varieties.
Regular coffee uses the milder arabica variety, while decaf brews rely on the stronger robusta beans.
Foods that are rich in zinc include oysters, red meat, nuts and beans.
These beans require less water, so they reduce irrigation costs.
Bean-hole beans get their name because they are baked in a hole.
Our diet consisted of beef mainly, with beans next on the menu, then came the sour-dough bread and canned vegetables.
Beans may also be shelled and added to other dishes, such as salads.
Beans are easy to shell after they are boiled briefly.

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