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Example sentences for beaming

But then she straightens up in her chair and gives a blank, faux-happy smile, as if beaming mindlessly for the camera.
Researcher envisions beaming entangled photons into space.
Invented method for improving wireless services by beaming signals directly to mobile users.
Instead, it was activated remotely by beaming a radio signal at it from a nearby transmitter.
If the picture was of a beaming tourist with a mountain stream in the background, they'd remember the tourist clearly.
Gathering that light and beaming it into the viewer's pupils makes it appear far brighter with much less power to run the display.
Keeping drones aloft is not the only putative application of power beaming, as this technology is known.
Beaming happily, he seized on what he imagined the question must have been.
By the end of the day he was beaming, glowing with energy.
When it was over, the soprano soloist couldn't stop beaming.
These are the brightest objects in the night sky, easily beaming through the flash and smoke of a fireworks display.

Famous quotes containing the word beaming

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