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He noticed that the goo left behind in a beaker after one of his experiments had hardened into a tough polymer.
Afterward, use a spatula to tap the beaker and loosen the lava from its sides.
Remove the wire gauze and rinse the beaker with water.
Gone were the no-holds-barred outfits where nitroglycerine was seemingly a page-flip and beaker-shake away.
When all three are put in a beaker and mixed with distilled water, the peas' cellular structure starts to break down.
All the mysteries of faith seem overshadowed by a sense of the divine that's as tangible as a beaker.
Even in a beaker, bacteria in ocean bottom sludge survive by sharing.
They then put these polymerase-loaded liposomes into a beaker of water in which two other molecules were floating.
Because the yolk contains fat, it floats above the aqueous white, both in the shell and in a beaker.
He submerged the tube in a beaker of seawater containing mildly radioactive sugar and amino acids, and some food colouring.
He heads into a lab at the far end of the bungalow and picks up a beaker filled with a solution of gum from the guar plant.
The fluid travels down the tube of the probe and into a catchment beaker.
The primary function of a beaker is to hold and work with liquids.
Place the beaker on the cool desktop and allow crystallization to proceed.
If not, bring a sample in a pan or beaker to a boil and slant a baking dish of ice over the steam.
Show the prepared beaker to the students and tell them there is a partially inflated balloon inside the beaker.
Rinse both flask and beaker with small portion of sample and shake dry.
When the wires are put into a beaker of distilled water, the light will not light.
Show the beaker to the students and tell them you have a partially inflated balloon in the beaker.
The bottles are filled underwater in a beaker and capped underwater.
Pour the correct amount of agarose into the beaker, stirring constantly.
Fill the beaker with water and let it stand for a few minutes.
Remove the beaker and the contents from under the hood.
He reached into the hood, with the sash at a low level, and moved the beaker with his bare left hand.
After it is filled place the bottle in the water filled beaker.
The weight of the sample and beaker less the weight of the beaker and the salt correction gave the sample weight.
When beaker is full, dispose of used solvent in transfer bottle.
Photo of a scientist examining a beaker of cellulase enzymes, which are used to produce cellulosic ethanol.

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O for a beaker full of the warm South, Full of the true, the blushful Hippocrene, With beaded bubbles winki... more
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