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Some of the matches were uncanny-the dagger that had to be twisted on the way out, the beak of a war hammer.
The snail kite feeds on this species, its beak curving precisely into the snail's whorl.
Swans swimming beak to beak have become a common symbol of mate-for-life dedication.
In that picture, the peninsula represents the bird's head, and the area between its beak and wattle is the area surveyed.
The crow literally put its beak into the kitten's mouth to feed it.
The finch's beak, the giraffe's neck and sprinter's toes.
The pigeon was thus forced to use its beak to peck at a target-such as a ship, building or specific street corner.
But our imported starlings' jaws are wired completely differently-their musculature enables the beak to strongly open.
To mimic the beak's deformation resistance, they use a cylindrical metal enclosure.
It buzzed around the room, beak pressed to the white roof.
Wave after wave kept vaulting over the hills and began to descend in a rush of feather, belly, and beak.
And then he thrust his beak into the cool turf to refresh himself a little with it.
And chides the lagging night, and whets her hungry beak.
Avoid a friend who covers you with his wings and destroys you with his beak.
He remembered a hornbill, which was simply a huge yellow beak with a small bird tied on behind it.
With his beak he has scratched upon it a description of all the hundred years he has lived.
The beak was of coral, the eyes were of jewels, and likewise the neck and the tail-feathers.
The central light ribbon in this image resembles the head and beak of a bird, flanked by a radiant wingspan.
The beams fortify the skull and beak, making them extremely strong for up and down jabbing movements.
The bird breaks open vases and coconuts with its beak.
Their duet is conceived as a whole in both their brains, but emerges as two distinct parts, one from each beak.
If one less beak here and there makes my chicken nuggets a nickel cheaper, then break out the soldering iron.
To the uninitiated, a real, live snapper is a turtle with a fierce bony beak.
The squid was fighting to stay submerged the only way it knew how, by blowing water out its beak.
The bigger the bird's beak, the easier it is to crack open the seeds' coatings.
Tilting its head down, it opens its beak and trails the elongated lower bill in the water.
Then its stomach contents and beak and other mouthparts will be examined.
With her long, sharp beak, she breaks into the saguaro's tough skin.
Each year, as a puffin grows older, its beak grows bigger.
Grasping the bee in its beak, the bird bashes the insect's head on one side of the branch, then rubs its abdomen on the other.
Hesperornis was a large flightless bird that swam in the oceans and snared fish with a tooth-lined beak.
Tadpoles normally have mouthparts similar to a beak.
After that, cut up the dried apricot pieces into small wedges to be the feet and beak.
Beak to the sky, it fills the air with whooping cries.
The red-tailed hawk has a strong beak, built to tear its food into pieces to swallow whole.
Its long beak helps it forage for shrimp, crab, and insects.
Victor: a kingfisher emerges from the water with a prey in its beak.
But he was vigorous in defense of his bower and belongings, and flew at them with beak and tongue out, claws ready to strike.
He peered down at the water's surface and imagined the ancient ornamental beak.
Its beak was halfway open, as if maybe it had struggled for breath.
If you do not fix the entire problem, all that will happen is it will beak down somewhere else.
Its beak is open, ready to be regurgitated into in the form of a retweet.
The main function of a beak is for feeding and it is shaped to match that need.
They have a blunt head with a squared melon, no beak and a vertical crease in their forehead.
The wood stork stands in water several inches deep, opens his beak and begins his shuffling dance.
The beak forms an obvious swelling on the shell surface, and turns over the point where the two shell halves join.

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