beady in a sentence

Example sentences for beady

Your eyes meet the snake's beady gaze through a tiny mirror above your head.
They stay around, beady eyes on their sons messing up their legacies.
The government is casting a beady eye over severance terms and early retirement in the civil service.
On the other hand, you'd also tend to regard her stuff with a rather beady eye.
On the way out of the dining room she pushed my chair past the parrot, who turned to watch us, his beady eyes blinking.
It provides standard dialogue exchanges for the cast members so their beady-eyed grasping is obvious.
The eyes of a shrew are beady, whereas a mouse has larger eyes.
The ears are short and rounded, the whiskers prominent and the small eyes beady.
Their little beady eyes can get lost without some sort of light striking them.
Small, widely separated beady eyes are located on top of the head.
The muskrat is stocky, with a broad head, small ears and beady little eyes.
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