beadwork in a sentence

Example sentences for beadwork

If you are searching for something a bit more fashionable, try creating your own piece of beadwork.
It's the actual isolation of the cell, and it's in this native beadwork.
Pueblo artisans make woven belts, beadwork, and brown micaceous pottery.
Others worked on river boats, in the mines, some sold beadwork and pottery dolls to train tourists.
Later, intricate beadwork was practiced in the decoration of moccasins.
The brim is typically covered with silver or beadwork.
In addition to beadwork and story traditions, he will teach some aspects of ceremonies and herbal medicines.
Demonstrations of basket-weaving, beadwork, and traditional games are presented.
Raven is a creative jewelry maker and is particularly noted for her beadwork.
Each year, the participants create handmade elaborate, vibrant costumes with intricate beadwork that take up to a year to create.
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