beading in a sentence

Example sentences for beading

If your little espresso is able to amuse herself, you might be able to do some beading while she plays quietly.
Many of the costumes were created with similar fabrics to the originals, using lots of velvets, satins and beading.
When cutting into a good zucchini, you will notice the cut flesh beading up with a slippery juice.
While dozens of craftsmen labored over the beading and embroidery, the wedding itself started to unravel.
The park hosts a number of planned activities, notably line dancing, beading and wood carving.
Quilting had one, knitting and crocheting had one, even beading has had one.
Khan showing a virtuoso touch with stunningly complicated embroideries and beading.
Dripping, beading, drenching and vastly under-appreciated sweat.
But a number of finalists are hanging onto their moment with all the sweat-beading might they can muster.
Beading and embroidery sometimes add elegant and playful accents.
She strives for excellence in design and quality, often incorporating various silks, painting techniques and hand beading.
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