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When sucking down hot blood, a mosquito exudes a small bead of the meal for evaporative cooling.
Put a bead of silicone caulking around the inside of the outer container.
The droplets bead and cling as they would on the surface of a polished car.
The more hydrophobic a substance is, the higher the contact angle and the more spherical the water bead.
On her head were two golden-yellow tresses, in each of which was a plait of four locks, with a bead at the point of each lock.
They did not have on so much as a string, or a bead, or even an ornament in their hair.
As the two channels funneled into one compartment, the team turned on a small magnet on the side of the magnetic bead solution.
Think if it as a crosshairs, only for drawing a line instead of drawing a bead.
They are so beautiful that they could easily be sold in bead stores.
The end of the sidewall terminates in the bead, the part of the tire in contact with the wheel rim.
The copper would bead with condensation while you waited for the water to run cold enough.
Beads, wire and clasps are available at bead stores or craft stores.
At rest, the bead remained on the surface, despite aluminum's higher density.
The textured metal is then curled into a long cylindrical bead, and a mold is made.
But the next day the storm gathered steam and drew a bead on the city.
The mummy wore bead necklaces and had a gold bowl over her face.
Mark each family member's towel with a safety pin threaded through a different colored bead.
It's as if someone broke apart a strand of pearls, then stepped on each bead.
Pick up a small bead with the tweezers, dip into glue and place on the sock below the carrot nose.
The floral bead detailing was exquisite, and it really made the dress look feminine.

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He would tell of the whorl of whorl of light that was infinity to be seen in glass, or a shell or a bead or... more
It could not have come down to us so far, Through the interstices of things ajar On the long bead chain of ... more
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