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What had been prime beachfront property one day can be open ocean the next.
Tiny beachfront lot accommodates plenty of outdoor living.
Tiny beachfront lot accommodates plenty of outdoor living.
Hotel concessions and beachfront joints often charge twice what you'll find off the boardwalk.
Accommodations include beachfront or hillside rooms, as well as cabanas, all with spectacular views.
The buildings along the beautiful beachfront look run-down.
He does not own a beachfront house, a helicopter or a fast car.
At last the price of drugs that the beautiful people snort at the beachfront will increase.
The tsunami sucked them out of their beachfront bungalow and hurled them into the raging sea.
Americans shouldn't be allowed to buy beachfront properties in the first place.
Hawksbills are endangered because their beachfront nesting grounds and coral reef feeding grounds are shrinking.
Tower condos and glitzy resorts occupy the beachfront a little ways north.
Higher sea levels with even moderate storms may damage beachfront property.
The beachfront area offers kayak and windsurfing rentals.
The hotel has a heated outdoor beachfront swimming pool and exercise room with cardio equipment and free weights.
The hotel does not have on-site dining, but it is within walking distance to a pizzeria and a beachfront restaurant.
Other facilities include a beachfront swimming pool, a scuba diving and snorkeling program and kayak rentals.
The case involved a rare situation: newly created beachfront property.
Fish and other seafood, as you might expect, have star billing on the menu of the resort's beachfront restaurant.
The restaurant's beachfront setting meanwhile provides all the laid-back island ambience you could want.
Dining takes place in the beachfront restaurant and open-air pavilions.
The beachfront, littered with broken pilings, is eerily quiet.
The significant caveat regarding beachfront development is that it is rarely the bargain it appears.
Many campsites have beachfront views and sunsets here are not to be missed.
It also may relate to losses in beachfront investment property.
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