beach face in a sentence

Example sentences for beach face

Stationary, time-series, multi-electrode resistivity profiles across a beach face as a function of water level.
The profile variability seen on the beach face is natural and due to beach cusp formation, movement, and degradation.
It offers a mile-long walk along the sandy spit either on the beach face or on the nature trails.
The littoral process is the mechanism that delivers eroded sediment to the beach face.
We are standing on the active beach face of a southward-migrating cuspate foreland.
There are exposed tree stumps in the surf and on the beach face as a result of the recession.
The shoreline zone consists of a steeply sloped, partially eroded and debris-strewn beach face.
Larger spills will often cover the entire beach face.
Driving on the beach face destroys the rare plants that grow there.
The definition of beach includes the beach face and berm.
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