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Example sentences for batting

In trapunto, decorative patterns are sewn with lightweight batting to add texture without bulk.
My point is not that students and professors should be allowed to knock boots without anyone batting an eyelash.
We watch the stock market, compare salaries, and scrutinize batting averages.
One of my cats, batting the food dishes around the kitchen floor downstairs.
There are more complicated pitches and batting techniques that can be used.
So this leads to batting strategies-you actually undercut the ball.
The ball struck the roof of an external batting cage and skipped out of view.
Within a few hours the minister had replied, batting these objections aside.
Instead, he honed his technique batting on the perilous, unpredictable matted wickets of the non-white leagues.
It rolls onto its back, with its legs batting the air in helpless convulsions.
But he likes batting them before going to bed, and lifting him up that high is good exercise for the tummy.
Maybe in the abstract the court's reasoning makes sense, to lawyers batting arguments around.
He tries vainly to calculate his current batting average.
In fat notebooks he kept track not only of scores but also of pitching records and batting averages.
Quilt patterns were printed on the paper wrapped around the batting, providing quilters with a source of new patterns.
Batting cages are also available along with two concession stands and two playgrounds.
Come on down for a day of pitching, batting, and base running.
Batting asked that in the coming year every effort be made to not change the scheduled meeting dates.
The extraneous dual task degraded batting performance in novices but had no significant effect on experts.
There are two batting tunnels to the west of the complex that can be used in conjunction with a facility reservation.
In addition, if the fibers are freed from the batting they can cause respiratory irritation and inflammation.
All participants are responsible for their own batting helmet.
And in the batters' box, wear a batting helmet and use a batting glove to protect your knuckles from those inside pitches.
If you lose a player and do not have a sub, then an out will be recorded in that player's position in the batting order.
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