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Capturing great digital photos depends on ultimate battery performance.
The associate professor of engineering was placed on leave in November after his arrest on the battery charge two months earlier.
The iPad already has a crazy-long battery life, measuring around ten hours whatever you do with it.
The Kindle 2 has more memory and a sealed-in battery.
Smith was booked with domestic abuse and simple battery.
Stanford Tech researchers hope to have a new kind of lithium ion battery available in a few years.
The biggest concern about electric cars is the battery.
Better battery life is on the top of most people's gadget wish lists.
Broadcasting uses up battery power far more quickly than listening does.
When the locomotive is traveling at a constant speed or idling, the battery rather than the diesel engine can power the motor.
Battery operated, they shut off automatically and have overload protection to avoid damage.
Electric motors come in corded and battery-powered models.
Battery acid is splashed on captive fish to make them leap frantically.
Speak of which, while it was open did they change the battery.
In one corner is a tall buoy that resembles a huge copper-top battery.
The ballplayer was found guilty of battery, but a friendly judge suspended his sentence.
He was going to come back later with battery acid so that he could burn the hair and skin off of the dog's head.
Almost anything that runs on a battery can be charged with a solar charger.
We recommend having the watch battery replaced by a jeweler, as it is intentionally difficult to remove the back.
Full hybrids could run on battery power alone at low speeds, with the main engine shut down.
The hydrogen could then power hydrogen fuel cells, a type of battery that emits only water.
Two robot reserves sit on the beach, ready to replace players who suffer injury-or battery weakness.
He smears bitumen from an old car battery onto the end of the shaft, heats it again, and binds twine made of kudu sinew around it.
Scientists are using transmitters the size of three or four grains of rice, powered by a tiny hearing-aid battery, to track bees.
The battery-operated device sends out a pinging noise that scares the dolphins off.
The longer battery life means you won't have to pack backups.
Leasing the battery should also alleviate concerns about its reliability.
At present, all batches of vaccine are subject to the same battery of tests.
The pump requires an electric cable, called a driveline, that runs through the abdominal wall to a battery pack in a harness.
The same is true for laptop computers-notorious battery hogs at the best of times.
In this short engagement his loss was considerable for the number engaged, and one battery was taken from him.
All ranks are wonderfully equalized under the fire of a masked battery.
Movements would be discovered which would indicate the attempt on the part of the enemy to post a battery.
We asked industry experts if battery breakthroughs are necessary for electric cars to be viable.
Birds were trapped in the wires of battery cages, unable to reach food or water.
The battery lasts for several full days' use between recharges, and the pen can hold dozens of hours of recordings.
And all the technology in the world does not exist unless there is a battery to power it.
We have private sector companies who are building their own technologies, with different battery systems and so forth.
First, the definition of a battery must be established.
In a lidar gun, electronics ramp up battery power to high voltage that drives a laser diode.
The binder isn't active, but researchers say it's crucial in the battery's stability.
And when they're running on battery power, they generate no fumes at all.
The average driver knows nothing of when it's cheapest to charge his car battery, or how far he can drive on a single charge.
Pulling in for a fresh battery would be no more trouble than pulling in for a fresh tank of gas is today.
The oil is then released, powering a generator and charging a battery.
Wireless technology is notoriously tough on battery life.
In the future, battery energy densities will increase further, and longevity and charge times will get better as well.
In a battery electric, the electricity is already stored in the battery.
The virus builds up the cobalt oxide into a structure that acts as the negative electrode of a discharging battery.
Lithium ion battery sales set to rev up thanks mainly to e-bikes and scooters.
Battery chargers are everywhere these days, wasting electricity.
Two of the accused students face charges of battery as well.
Pack mosquito repellent, a flashlight, and an extra camera battery.
It's the equivalent of plugging in one's battery recharger overnight.
The first shot is a hasty one, fired from the battery of his early lectures.
The power created from walking creates a bridge from the phone to a cellular network, which dramatically extends battery life.
Basically, you give students a battery, a bare copper wire and a small light bulb.
The battery practically glides on to the back of the case.
The car dies because the computers that handle fuel injection and other engine functions shut down, but the battery still works.
Now the utility has installed a six-megawatt battery at the substation to deliver electricity to the town during outages.
Beyond that range, its combustion engine will kick in, powering a generator for its onboard battery.
The machine carries an onboard battery that is able to run all this equipment.
Then, three weeks after the drinkers had their last drink, all the teens took a two-hour battery of tests.
Finally, an exhaustive battery of tests pinpointed the invader's primary location: the liver.
When the children were four years old, they were given a battery of cognitive tests.
She then set her battery-powered bot in a bower and controlled its movement from a blind yards away.
Eating chopped up octopus is considerably less cruel than eating any egg which has come from a battery hen in my opinion.
The researchers asked the members of both groups a battery of questions about their lives.
It would take only a moment to smash it against the wall and shove the battery up the nose of whoever was out there annoying her.
The studio is a riot of wires taped to walls, bins of battery chargers, and laptops everywhere.
Charging and discharging a lithium-ion battery involves moving lithium ions into and out of the anode.
It takes years to verify that a new battery technology will last for the life of a hybrid or electric car.
It could also make it possible to pack battery materials in unused space inside electronic devices.
When such a battery is charged, lithium ions move from the cathode to the anode.
Apparently the aluminum battery hasn't been perfected or it wasn't let into this country.
The chips convert the energy from environmental vibrations into electricity that's then used to charge a small battery.
Hybrid cars normally combine conventional engines with battery-powered electric motors.
Small, battery-powered gadgets make powerful computing portable.
The unstable materials release oxygen, oxidizing other materials in the battery, which in turn produces more heat.
To get there, many experts agree, a major shift in battery technology may be needed.
The idea is to build battery swap stations along major highways.
The battery is charged from an ordinary electrical outlet.
Making battery electrodes from tin or silicon can boost the battery's overall energy storage.
In the plug-in version of the car, the extra battery can be recharged from an electrical outlet.
Battery powers tiny, implants that aid neurological disorders.
Its battery lasts a little longer than that, but only a little, so it's recommended that you charge it whenever it's not in use.
Those two changes gave me nearly endless battery life.

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