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Maybe it's the battered economy that is driving the public's longing for a different era.
Any dynamic library collection is battered in the line of duty by chewing dogs, falling rain, and trips to the beach.
It holds an animal whose ancestors swam freely in the sea to rocks that are often battered by powerful waves.
It was a huge treat to visit him at the battered newsroom with all the hustle and bustle.
The main part of the room is dominated by a battered work table.
Commodities such as copper have also been battered recently, as have financial stocks.
As for children, their murderers simply battered them against trees.
If so, it will have a nasty adverse impact on the already battered economy and stretch the medical care to extremes.
With all but one of the ship's hands accounted for, all eyes turned back to the battered vessel.
Squash blossoms are delicious stuffed, battered and fried.
The bursting of the technology stock market bubble may have prompted many stunned investors to flee that battered sector.
The scientists collected their battered weather tools.
The fish is often battered or pan-fried with a lemon butter sauce, though there are countless ways to prepare it.
Countries with high rates of inflation are seeing their currencies battered.
The battered disk puffed into a swirling, sparkly ball of gas and stars-an elliptical galaxy.
Abe pointed to a battered concrete foundation amid the flattened landscape.
Traditional methods for catching a fibber have been battered by scientific study.
But there's also a part of me feeling bruised and battered.
The wind battered the thick windows and ripped past the superstructure with a buffeted keening.
He takes over a country that is diplomatically isolated, economically battered and socially and politically polarised.
US cruise missiles have already battered the country.
The church's handsome colonial fa├žade is a little battered.
Green water poured over the bow and flew up in a white explosion that battered the windows.
Consumers are nursing battered balance sheets and the government is wallowing in debt.
Having sustained heavy losses, it retreated to barracks, its morale battered.
Perhaps the biggest benefit has been the battered nation's rise in self-respect.
The geology indicates it's been battered by eons of tsunamis and earthquakes.
Only the shell of the building that houses the power station remained in the battered plain.
The strains among the principals, already battered and bruised, continued into postproduction.
The cramped, battered office of a high school guidance counselor.
Their melodies and themes are simple, giving voice to the suffering, the determination and the longing of a battered population.
Video posted online shows his battered, purple face.
Demand for chips has been battered by the downturn, but mobile handset sales fared much better than predicted.
Its share price has been battered over the past year.
Those drops, in turn, have battered the share prices of mining companies.
The downturn has battered many start-ups, forcing their backers to pump in more cash to keep them afloat.
Already a minister was in jail, awaiting trial for corruption and the government's reputation had been battered.
Partisan and intra-party bickering at a time of national emergency has further battered politics' reputation.
They battered the shutters of shops, broke in and seized whatever they could, from hunks of meat to gas canisters and clothing.
Central bankers' reputations have been battered, but few have paid with their jobs.
But voters in places with battered housing markets got little benefit from either.
The counters are fanning across the region, hand delivering forms to thousands of families in hurricane-battered areas.
One vulnerable population specifically addressed in the legislation is battered immigrants and their children.
Already battered by unemployment, the city struggles to weather the housing crisis.
Then they turn savage, scratching and dragging her to the ground, where she is left battered and bleeding.
He appealed to the battered sense of honor and idealism that still resided beneath their scar tissue.
The battered old yellow buses have been replaced by smart new high-tech fleet.

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