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Even without the forced perspective, it was the size of one of those toy bats that kids use for whiffle ball.
Over and through it all went the bats, heeding it not at all.
There are cavalry stables, where lights burn all night long to protect the horses from the vampire bats.
Bats employ a sonar system that allows them to catch prey under the cover of darkness.
She became a connoisseur of sounds: bats clicking, katydids scraping and frogs croaking.
Some small birds and bats are endothermic for part of a day or part of the year but ectothermic during other parts.
Natural reservoir for emerging viruses may be bats.
Bats, along with other animals that employ echolocation, rely on their ears more than their eyes for orientation and navigation.
The bats could avoid jamming each other's frequencies if one of them would shift the pitch of its echo.
Baseball officials are noticing more and more broken bats--and injuries.
Dramatic changes in bird populations as well as bats.
Some bats with poor eyesight depend on echolocation to navigate.
Incendiary devices would be attached to the bats and timing devices used to set off the devices.
Bats are the only mammal with a better ability to hear changes in pitch than humans do.
Namely, it's known for the live music scene, but it is also known for its abundance of bats.
From wings to low-density bones to echolocation, the evolution of flight in bats required many radical changes.
Few inspect the counters and jars filled with exotic salves and cures, from dried bats and lizards to caterpillar fungus.
The only signs of life at the visitor centre are bats in the ventilation shafts.
Mosquito nets, which also work well against bats, are being distributed to families who live in the area.
Now that batsmen are forced to play with their bats, the contest has evened up, immeasurably enhancing the cricket.
Gaps between windows and walls invite swarms of bats.
Bats fulfill a similar ecological function as swallows.
When he turned his eye to fruit juice, his neighbours at home said he had bats in his belfry.
Hoards of bats cut through the mosquito-infested humid air.
Luckily for the bats, there are volunteers to swoop in and rescue them.
Some bats prevent crossed signals when flying with others by shutting down their natural sonar, new research reports.
Bats aren't the only animals that rely on the cactus flowers for food.
To employ bats as a natural mosquito control, you must purchase or build bat houses for them to roost in.
These bats chew on the edge of a palm leaf until the ends fall down and forms a tent.
Although the newfound genus is extinct, bat flies still exist today, feeding exclusively on bats' blood.
Decimation of these bats could have a devastating effect on tropical ecosystems on three continents.
The thing they have to solve when deploying windmills across large portions of the country is how to deter birds and bats.
Not necessarily swans, even crows, even the evening fusillade of bats.
Nobody was going bats and buying forty loaves of bread.
The night sky is the setting for an arms race that has been going on for millions of years: a conflict between bats and moths.
In the pitchers, the bats get shelter from predators and the elements.
How the connections between pigs, bats, and people could threaten your health.
The paper is not about hominids, however, but about bats.
From vampire bats to parasitic catfish, a new book spells out the secret lives of plasma-loving beasts.
Bats, themselves voracious insect eaters, also take advantage of the buggy treetops.
The virus was a new threat that had jumped into humans from bats and civets.
If this sounds familiar, that's because this is how dolphins and bats sense their environment.
The dimple effect was demonstrated on baseball bats.
Other birds, and even bats, are known to pollinate flowers.
Birds and bats then spread the seeds and pollen of these remarkable plants.
For example, birds and bats need a lot of energy to fly, and their nuclear and mitochondrial genomes must match perfectly.
Repeated intact for fans who have cats, as well as bats, in their belfries.
Vampire bats have solved this problem by resorting to conditional cooperation.
Bats are not blind rabies-infested vermin that will suck your blood and entangle themselves in your hair.
Bats were in the glade behind him, and he could hear the strange, persistent sound of their flight.
At the entrance to the club is a sports shop, which sells squash rackets and cricket bats.
Bats play key roles in ecosystems around the globe, from rain forests to deserts.
Bats are mysterious creatures that have many myths about them.
Although they are sometimes referred to as flying mice, bats are not rodents.
Gray bats are distinguished from other bats by the unicolored fur on their back.
Although bats are often mistreated and misunderstood, these mammals are beneficial and important components of the ecosystem.
Bats play key roles in keeping a wide variety of insect populations in balance.
Bats are a fascinating but highly misunderstood group of animals.
Even people who appreciate bats do not always appreciate them establishing residency in their homes.
These bats typically feed along forest edges, in small clearings, or around street-lights where they prefer moths.
Bats are interesting mammals, which have intrigued humans for many years.
View a video of how sonar enables bats to navigate and hone in on targets in dark, cluttered environments.
Bats are essential to the health of our natural world.
It was early evening, and bats flitted through floodlights that illuminated a tennis court.
It is essential that bats not be disturbed, so make certain your bat boxes cannot be reached by any local cats.
If that's not theme enough, the film also bats around notions having to do with time and language.

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