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But there is nothing but excess, self-indulgence and bathos.
And in reading their requests the bathos of the ultimate penalty is impossible to ignore.
The film is an unqualified delight, never descending into sloppy sentiment or boggy bathos.
In essence, it is this portion of the drama that is often awash in the sudsy waves of bathos.
It does slop over into bathos with increasing frequency near the end, but each time it recovers itself.
The pathos and the bathos of it beat anything ever heard before or since.
There is no bathos and there are plenty of amusing incidents to relieve the tension.
Too bad that this enjoyable and provocative book should end on a note of bathos.
The bathos and the pathos all rolled into one big scene staged before me on the tube and playing out in my mind.
The saga of this family brings forth so much indescribable empathy and bathos.
But the perils of falling into prosiness or bathos beset his path.
His exuberance of imagery also upon occasion betrayed him into incongruity and bathos.
The bathos is all mockery, however, and the more epic the track becomes the better the jokes get.
When you go that close to the bone, you are always risking bathos--or being corny or cloying.
Amid the pathos and bathos, it's time to take a knee and conduct a map check.
His vehicle is equally notable for its sentiment, which at times is perilously near to bathos.
There is a lot of bathos in this picture, especially in the captions.
But eventually the movie falls kerplunk into stiff-upper-lip bathos.
But after the soldiers have finished their vocal salutations, the whole drops down into that unhappy mire which is bathos.
When he himself played the role of the stage manager, who guides the story, there was warmth but no bathos.

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