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Bathing outdoors is the height of mountain living, especially when done in a rugged style.
Shelving carved into the wall over the tub keeps bathing supplies tucked away, but within easy reach.
And had them record how they felt before and after bathing.
If you're on medication, check with your doctor before sun bathing in moderation.
They never try to look at it, and if they are not bathing in a holy river, they stay out of the sun.
Employee-owned pets get complimentary surgeries and other medical care, as well as bathing and grooming.
Hid on all sides, left alone with yourself and the goddess of bathing.
In big houses with a swimming pool, bath-robes are supplied and often bathing suits.
We remained in quarters until the afternoon bathing our eyes in cold water.
In the past, birds were cleaned right away, and volunteers often worked through the night bathing rescued birds.
Before this happens though there will be someone to instigate a bathing.
Rather than putting on military uniforms, they put on bathing suits and shorts.
There is a bathing area nearby and people are taking the water.
There were paper bathing suits, travel underwear, and wedding gowns.
The children wear bathing suits or light summer clothes or no clothes.
Hot mineral water, on the other hand, is used for both bathing and as a heat source for geothermal power.
Look for her bold hardware, cool cut-out dresses and jewel-encrusted bathing suits.
But nothing beats waking up on a cold winter morning, putting on a bathing suit and heading to the water.
Even though it might seem odd to wear a bathing suit among snowbanks and glaciers, bring one.
Another trendy option is a ruched retro, one-piece bathing suit with a sweetheart neckline.
Stretches of beach are designated for different uses, with bathing permitted in red and yellow flag zones.
The exhibit has an area where you can change into your bathing suit in privacy.
At daybreak they found the cigarette tin and the bathing suit.
Something else they should try is bathing the wounds in glycerin.
Here she is, bald-lifting the squeaky flap of her white rubber bathing hat to tuck out of sight strands of her livid hair.
The rest is typically used for cooking, bathing, and sanitation.
Lesser-masked weaver bathing next to a beautiful lily.
Wear an old bathing suit, as the water often discolors whatever you're wearing.
Fire walkers prepare with fasting, prayer, and bathing in the ocean.
Now, you will not see these creatures bathing in a dipper of water.
Another idea under consideration is the possibility of surrounding an entire bathing area with an electrical barrier.
But only a tiny bit can be used for drinking, cooking, and bathing.
Floor-to-ceiling windows allow guests to observe bathing elephants from the comfort of their cabins.
Rain will be collected to help provide water for drinking and bathing.
One reason for bathing cows is because they are going to a show.
Make sure that a working call system is available in each resident's room or bathroom and bathing area.
Don't forget to include a bathing suit, raincoat and parka.
Here bathing accessories replace standard bath accents.
She spends the better part of an hour in an old-fashioned bathing suit, clinging to a rope, staring into space.
Topless bathing is outlawed and public displays of affection may cause offense and can even land you in trouble with the police.

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