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Bubble bath soap poisoning occurs when someone swallows bubble bath soap.
Use your small modesty towel to cover up when walking to the bath, but do not put the modesty towel in the bath water.
The bath contains unset gel made with deionized or distilled water, which is calcium-free.
Bath bombs, after all, do not actually explode on contact with bath water.
Here is where a professional kitchen trick comes in handy: make an ice water bath.
In fact, you'll need to clear out a pretty big cupboard to store a water bath canner.
Hydrogen atoms taken from the water are pumped into another part of the duct, creating an acid bath.
She prefers to drink out of the bath, and often demands water be put in it if empty.
Put jars in a water-bath canner or on a rack set in a deep pot and cover with water.
Cool to room temperature or quick-chill in an ice bath.
Here bathing accessories replace standard bath accents.
Keep warm by placing in a warm water bath time to serve.
In the morning, he took a bath, drawing the wartime five inches of lukewarm water.
She can't use her shower, but won't cooperate in even getting a bar put into her bath so she can steady herself.
He hoped to corner the market when he bought them, but he's taken a bath.
The plunge bath is stated to be the place where the earl's spots were first revealed.
After being developed in an acid bath would be placed onto a printing press.
After a cool shower or bath, slather on a moisturizing cream or lotion to soothe the skin.
The concierge rooms have both a full bath and a half bath, while the other rooms have only a single split bath.
Each has gained praise from travel critics or offers unusual amenities, such as a personalized bath service.
Hotel rooms with a shared bath are also available for a lower rate.
Two of the resort's three modular cabins have three bedrooms, a full bath and lake view.
It might be fun for me, but my two year old might not appreciate her bath toys being all mangled.
Food coloring was also used for the blue bath and after the bath, the resulting blue body.
It is similar to deducing that the thin layer of ice on my backyard bird-bath this morning means that winter is returning.
Heck, it may even make bath time a few seconds shorter.
He was then withdrawn from his steam bath and doused into the cold stream near by.
First they were brought to the bath, and when they had come from the bath refreshed, they were given new cloaks and mantles.
On returning from their bath, the wain and the oxen were strewn with fresh spring flowers.
He awoke laughing and his eyes lazily roamed his surroundings, evidently a bedroom and bath in a good hotel.
On such occasions, few things are more pleasant than a cool, postprandial mud bath.
They decided against it for fear of harming the creature's tissues, so instead the animal will soften up in a salty bath.
When you get out of the bath, you wrap yourself in a towel.
At the end, the excess soft resin is cleaned away using a chemical bath.
His kitchen contained a claw-foot bath, a stove and a table.
And two cupfuls of tomato juice added to a warm bath helps dispel the odours of excess perspiration, especially in hot climates.
Bookie makes his money either way and it is the betters who take the bath in the end if they continue to wager.
Guests should beware the infamous carp, bought in advance and kept for days in the bath to clean its gills.
Rather, a single artist's market may be hot and inflatable, but the overall effect is of a bubble bath.
Children's toys, plastic-encased gadgets, box sets and bubble bath.
Its make-up, bath-gels and accessories are cheap and innovative.
Slums where people used to sleep in bath-tubs to dodge the bullets are now clean and tranquil, says an aide.
The dinner is put away and the bath is cold, she might say.
Folding the bath-towel-sized ballot paper will also be tough, and voting will take so long queues will need patience.
How to provide privacy while maximizing space and flow was the problem tackled in the design of this master bath.
New homeowner upgrades kitchen and bath on a budget.
The urn is filled up to the top with river rocks so birds can land on the top for a drink or to take a bath, and they do both.
When they emerge from their steam bath they're plump with natural juices.
She looks good, bright eyed and alert and she enjoyed the bath.
And actually, the fastest way to chill any bottle or can is to submerge it in an ice bath, but that's a temporary solution.
The trick is to put the first two qubits in contact with a cold bath and the third one in contact with a hot bath.
They rush the body to an ice bath, and then they keep blood flowing with a heart-lung resuscitator.
The balloon is immersed in a bath of inert oil to prevent interference from background radiation.
Or, more accurately, they are only permitted to bath at birth and at marriage.
He had no bath the entire time, and he slept on the bare cement floor of the cell, which he shared with several others.
In the center of the bathroom is a sunken bath, four feet deep and ten feet long.
If only there were a way not to freeze afterward, she wouldn't mind taking a bath.
Now there was a whole line of beer drinkers doing the rain dance out in the hall, this being a single-bath unit.
At bath time, she would lie in the tub and stare at the linen closet, which she thought housed a devil.
After twenty minutes, each panel is laid on the dishwasher's conveyor belt and run through a scalding steam bath.
Skin the rabbit-that's what my mum used to say when she pulled off my shirt and singlet for a bath.
The narrator longs for food other than meat, and a hot bath.
He could bivouac upstairs, set out all his toilet articles in the guest bath.
They then placed each muscle in a bath and tested its strength by exposing it to an electrical impulse.
Civilization may have been hanging in the balance, but the prime minister wanted his bath.
Transfer with tongs to an ice bath and let stand until completely cooled.
Heat cream mixture over low heat until hot, then transfer to a bowl set in an ice bath.
Immediately pour through a fine-mesh sieve into a metal bowl set in an ice bath.
Pour custard through a fine-mesh sieve into a clean metal bowl and cool in an ice bath.
Drain in a colander and transfer to an ice bath to stop cooking.
Immediately transfer with tongs to an ice bath to stop cooking.
Pour the mixture into a metal bowl and set the bowl in an ice bath.
Watch a brief history movie of the park and another that shows a traditional bath.
When you allow yourself to ease into the run, as if you're easing into a hot bath, the sensations come to you gradually.
She was given a forced bath and put into a hospital gown.
If it's cobalt pink rather than pale rose in color, it has been treated with a chemical bath of dye and extra sweetening agents.

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