basting in a sentence

Example sentences for basting

Don't forget to pack a heatproof brush for basting the chicken, too.
We tried stuffing butter under the skin or leaving it out, basting and not basting, varying the heat versus keeping it steady.
Some pros recommend basting the whites with fat from the pan to help cook them through.
Continue basting every ten minutes until chicken is cooked.
Bake one hour in hot oven, basting as soon as fat is tried out, and continue basting every ten minutes.
Bake thirty minutes in a hot oven, basting every five minutes with one-fourth cup butter melted in one-fourth cup boiling water.
Bake twenty minutes in hot oven, basting after well risen, with some of the fat from pan in which meat is roasting.
For basting use one-half cup butter melted in one-half cup boiling water and after this is used baste with fat in pan.
Bake in a hot oven until well browned, basting every four minutes with two tablespoons butter, melted in one-fourth cup water.
Bake in hot oven one and one-fourth hours, basting every fifteen minutes.
Bake one and one-fourth hours, basting every twelve minutes with sauce in pan.
Bake twenty to thirty minutes in hot oven, basting three times.
Cover bottom of dish with boiling water, and bake in a hot oven until soft, basting often with syrup in dish.
To make basting sauce, combine remaining ingredients in a small bowl, stir to mix well.
Don't use marinades for dips or basting after they have been used on raw meat.
The basting solution may be broth, butter, or vegetable oil.
Don't use marinades that have come into contact with raw meat or poultry as dips or for basting.
When basting or applying a sauce during grilling or broiling, brush the sauce on cooked surfaces only.
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