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Transport the caponata in a small, sealed container in a picnic basket.
They knew nothing of cultivation and nothing of any sort of basket work or woven cloth.
With characteristic thoroughness, he had procured a huge basket of fresh-cut roses from which to work.
His other hand rested on the handle of an enormous basket of apples that stood beside him.
Wire basket and mason jars become outdoor chandelier.
Add a touch of romance to your garden or patio with a wire basket, canning jars tea lights, and crystals.
Top off a hike or ride with a basket of gourmet goodies packed in style.
The beach cruiser bikes come fully loaded with helmet, basket, and total adorableness.
Then the maiden was obedient, and put on the paper frock, and went out with the basket.
He who is meant to be a basket carrier is born with the handle in his hand.
He gathered here and there an herb, or grubbed up a root, and put it into the basket on his arm.
Then one brought to her a silver basket filled with colored yarn.
Enter the useful presents, besides, in box and in basket.
He gathered here and there a herb, or grubbed up a root and put it into the basket on his arm.
The contents of the wastepaper-basket are kept and in any case, are sure to be examined.
There the head chief took a piece of the flesh from a basket and squeezed a drop of blood upon the newly-deposited grains of corn.
Or a small wicker basket that is shallow and inconspicuous will do.
Sending a bon voyage basket to someone who is going on a cruise is a thoughtful way to send them off in style.
Use tape to create an ammo basket on top of the bar, and load it with gumballs or other candies.
Maybe you'll mangle his paper clips, leave a book open on the wrong page, or hide his basket of artificial petunias.
Here's a birch basket, tens of feathers, none of which will ever belong again.
We had a candidate a couple of years ago send the department a gigantic fruit and sweets basket after an interview.
She spoke about how she never thought of herself as smart and how her mom was basically a basket case.
The destination of both categories is immediately the wastepaper basket.
If you had it in a hanging basket, it'd be extra safe.
Jolly is highly respected and a accomplished basket weaver to boot.
Any big school tutors are hired to do their coursework, in the basket weaving or equivalent course they take.
Its value against a basket of currencies is also up so far this year.
When it spots a tasty treat, the dragonfly swoops down and catches its prey in the basket.
Get the same bird's-eye view from the basket of a hot air balloon.
She has to weave as well as to sell the basket in market.
The game is down to the wire when your team's star drives to the basket and collides with another player.
Then he started tinkering with a polypropylene box, about the size of a laundry basket.
These places could become the grain basket for the world.
Certainly pouring research into a number of different areas is a better bet than putting all the eggs in one basket.
Ill put it in the same basket as the pathetic explanations for the emails.
Putting a dollar into the basket to pay for coffee and rent has been common for decades.
May be this will allow cross border flows, exchange rates, basket of goods traded etc etc to be modeled more effectively.
Then there's the advantage of not putting all of our eggs into one basket.
Well a news flash for all of you who lump believers into the same basket.
There is a basket of delicious, steaming rolls right out of the oven in the middle of the table.
Avoid coffee makers with the basket type of filter they give a terribly uneven extraction.
With these tools, you almost serendipitously end up with a basket of things to buy.
It's not clear enough at this stage that we'd put all of our eggs in one basket.
Sure push the limits, but don't have it be the only egg in your one basket in your science career.
At the same time he is practical and knows his economy is a basket case.
These burglars knew where the best jewelry was hidden, under a laundry basket high up in a bedroom closet.
Against a basket of foreign currencies the krona is worth less than a third of its boom-time value.
The basket that holds the filter on my machine is mounted on a spring-loaded bracket.
It is certainly the only one that keeps a basket of yarmulkes on the bar.
The age-old question of hot bread in the bread basket.
Shoestring potatoes were used to line thickly the bottom and sides of a wire frying basket.
Preparing a basket of fragrant homemade rolls doesn't have to take all day.
Repeat with remaining husks and fit, standing up with rounded ends up, into the deep steamer basket of a pasta pot.
He was faking right, it seemed, before making his drive on the basket.
Later, she walked down the aisle handing out candy and hand sanitizer from a wicker basket.
Detected little things: a peach-pit basket watch-chain charm, an ivory.
Those which arrive after the deadline are considered late, and go straight into the wastepaper basket, and are then destroyed.
We plucked off the walnut-size fruits and filled a basket with them.
There was an empty basket on the giant weighing machine.
When they put something in the basket, they take something out of the basket, because they can't afford to buy too much.
It may not be smart to put all your eggs in one basket.
Something you need to remember is that the bad guys preferentially select basket case countries to set up shop in.
Now think back to the basket ball, which gets smaller.
We need a variety of launch vehicles instead of this all eggs in one basket approach.
The argument about not putting all eggs in one basket is not productive now: they are in one basket.
There's a tedious signup and shopping basket process, but the programmes are actually free to watch.
After a month they'll put on your desk, literally, a bushel basket of pictures.
All you see is a lot of heavy traffic and battling under the basket.
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