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In return, he deserved to bask in the glory of discovery.
They had hoped to bask in the reflected glory of bold, imaginative government.
But to bask in it's past glory is nothing short of atavistic nationalism.
But at the end of the war, the survivors did not bask in the glory together.
If you want to be bathed in flashbulbs, set up shop near the paparazzi scrums, and try to bask in the reflected glory.
But in fact, watchdogs should bask in such disdain if it means they are doing their jobs.
Others simply relax in the sun-washed glacial cirque and bask in the presence of the peak.
And the embryos bask in the oxygen given off by the algae.
As the plants grow, you can bask in your own spot of sunshine.
Its four members all sing, and its songs bask in harmony.
That's why crocs typically bask in the sun to warm up and lie in water to cool down.
But for now, bask in the glow of the culmination of the hybrid electric vehicle.
The format mixes music to use all six channels, scattering rays of sound for you to bask in.
So lofty is the designation that you don't even have to win it to bask in its glow.
The real value of history is to avoid repeating mistakes, rather than to bask in the glow of success.
Instead he decided to leave the predator be until morning when it came out of the water to bask in the sun.
The government, the theory goes, will bask in the glow of plentiful rains and a strong economy.
He deserves to bask in the glow of this achievement.
In any case, bask in your accomplishment, and the prospects tenure brings.
But a large audience turned up to bask in the music's hazy, chromatic glow.
We have all had time enough to exercise our ethical muscles and bask in our self-satisfying moral superiority.
The audience, asked to bask in the empty glow of celebrity rather.
The reminder of summer sent many who had begun to steel themselves for winter scrambling outside for a last bask in the sun.
Having nurtured these outfits when for-profit groups would not, they now want to bask in their successes.
We bask in the conceit of rational control when such control is not to be had.
But she was also there to bask in the sunshine of celebrity.
More recently, researchers have studied compounds from creatures that bask continually in the tropical sun: coral reefs.
When a building is torn down to make room for a new one, neighboring residents bask in a new but fleeting view from their windows.
Joy, relief as children of hostage bask in her freedom.
At the same time, it is safe to say they did not bask in their own success over the winter.
Guests can bask in the sun while enjoying drinks at the hotel's rooftop deck.
All of us that he touched will bask in his sunshine for the rest of our days.
Glade species bask in the sun on rocks, as well as take shelter under them at night.
Many of the lizards are especially conspicuous as they bask atop boulders or other elevated sites.
Open, sunny areas where the turtles can bask to raise their body temperature are also important.
Leave fallen trees in place along shorelines so turtles have places to bask in the sun.
Most butterflies bask in the sun to warm their bodies because they are cold-blooded.
In cool weather, they leave the water to bask in the sun at favorite basking sites.
They will usually bask on logs or rocks overhanging or surrounded by water.
It basks on protrusions out of the water and may bask in stacks or with other species.
On hot summer days, the creek provides relief as visitors bask in the water holes located along the creek.
They bask on warm sunny days, especially in the morning.
They feed, mate and bask at the water's edge on warm, sunny days.
On warm, sunny days, turtles line up on logs and bask at the water's edge.
Unlike its fickle, feathered cousins that head south to bask in the winter sun, this bird toughs it out in the frozen north.
Likes to bask on logs or brush and is an adept swimmer and diver.
During sunny days painted turtles perch on logs in the marsh to bask in the sun.
To warm up in the morning, reptiles will bask in the sun on dark colored surfaces, which absorb heat readily.
They tend to bask with their bodies in a straight line and move by inching their way across roads with the body fully extended.
Harbor seals frolic in the waves or bask on the rocks nearby.
They seek warmer temperatures and tend to bask in the open more frequently.
Their favorite activity is to bask on partially submerged logs or rocks.
We fuel our internal furnace with food, but reptiles need to bask, using the sun for warmth.
Many turtles haul out onto the beach to bask, but this leaves them vulnerable to curious visitors.
Do not make the sides too steep, because the top will be a good site for your tortoise to bask in the sun.
During warm weather, painted turtles often bask in the sun around the pond.
Many turtles can be seen during warm sunny periods as they bask in the sun on rocks and low hanging branches.
Take the time to relax and bask in the river's natural beauty.
On warm sunny days in the spring they come up to bask and feed.
They are excellent climbers and often bask in trees.
Wood turtles frequently bask on land and are less observable than other riverine turtles.
When cool they bask on the water surface, and when overheated they seek out cooler waters.
Also, the snakes sometimes bask in the sun on roads.

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